Can you take snacks on a greyhound? Here’s the Answer

Under the bus baggage allowances for adults and children

Number of pieces Charge per piece Weight
Adult ticket 3 1st under the bus bag free 2nd bag free with our Flexible fare, or 2nd & 3rd bags $20 each with all other fares 50lb (22.5kg) per bag
Child ticket 1 free 50lb (22.5kg)
Number of pieces Charge per piece Weight
Adult ticket 2 free 50lb (22.5kg) per bag
Child ticket 1 free 50lb (22.5kg)

Max baggage dimensions: Theres a limit on the size of under the bus baggage, to make sure we can fit everything into our baggage compartment. So under the bus baggage can’t be more than 62 inches (157 cm) when you add the dimensions together (length + width + height).

What rules should be followed in a greyhound bus regarding food safety?

It is allowed to take eatables while traveling in a greyhound bus. Bringing food items along with you is necessary while setting on a long journey as any of us can feel hungry.

So, there are some rules that you should follow for food safety:

Separate compartments forfood: Food should maintain its condition of coldness or hotness, which is mandatory for the taste and safety of food. The cold food should be placed in those coolers where its cooling is sustained, for instance, coolers packed with ice or designed with gel packing.

Temperature resistantitems: Other edibles which do not get affected by high temperatures, can also be placed in the cooler such as nuts, energy bars, and beef jerky.

Food & Drinks Are Permitted

You are allowed to bring food and drinks on the Greyhound bus. The only drinks that are prohibited are alcoholic beverages. So feel free to pack snacks and/or meals to eat while you are traveling. Bringing along a water bottle you can fill up from time to time is a good idea as well.

The bus stops every few hours at either a fast food restaurant or a convenience store so alternatively you can buy something to eat and drink then and bring it back on the bus. Most Greyhound bus stations have vending machines and some even have food courts but keep in mind that the prices are a little steep and the selection is limited.

What do racing greyhounds eat?

If you are planning a trip on the Greyhound bus there are a few things you need to know.

Below are a list of things I wish I had known before I took my first trip on Greyhound.