Can you tell if a dog has a headache? Tips and Tricks

Are Headaches Common in Dogs?

Headaches can be a common occurrence in dogs that experience stressful situations or get nervous easily. Especially older and fragile dogs may tend to be more sensitive to noisy sounds and bright lights, leading to more headaches.

Dogs that have some underlying health issues may also be more prone to headaches. These issues can be things such as allergies, head trauma, and other health conditions. Allergies can bring about constant sneezing and irritation of sinuses which can cause headaches.

Every dog breed is unique, and experiences head pain in different ways. So it is best to check in with your vet to determine if your dog is prone to getting headaches and what procedures you should take to combat them.


Whether it is certain smells, foods, or the weather, dogs can get allergies that can result in a headache. Dog’s olfactory receptors are much stronger than humans and can cause much frustration when they come in contact with certain allergens.

How do I treat my dog’s headache?


Headaches as a result of allergies can be avoided by seeing that your pet undergoes an allergy test with a veterinarian. The test will reveal everything the dog may be allergic to and allow for the both of you to avoid it.

During a headache episode, there are a few things you can do to keep your pooch calm and not agitate the pain, such as:

  • Create a quiet, cool, dark resting place for your dog to rest
  • Avoid petting, especially on the head
  • Grant your dog distance and ensure a lack of disturbances by keeping other pets or children in the household away
  • Administer proper dosage of aspirin for dogs as per a vets prescription
  • Gently-applied hot or cold compresses on the neck or back
  • Recovery

    Headaches typically subside in as little as 30 minutes to an hour, but can last longer, especially if consistently agitated with noise, light, or loud sounds.

    Can Dogs Get Headaches? | Wag!

    Anyone who gets headaches knows how debilitating they can be. While I don’t get them that often, I have wondered: do dogs get headaches? Does my pooch, Bentley, ever get them? I decided to do a little research on this.

    Yes, they do! In humans, the brain acts as an informer of pain within the body. We have nerves, muscles, and blood vessels covering our skulls, and when any of these swell or are constricted, we get a headache. Dogs have the same basic set up of nerves and blood vessels, and they also get headaches. Some vets even think that because of the extra strong olfactory receptors in canines, some strong scents can cause headaches.