Can You Use Aveeno Baby Shampoo On Dogs

You need to wash your dog immediately and you ran out of dog shampoo. Perhaps you’re wondering, can I use baby shampoo on my dog? Is it possible to get away by using some baby shampoo that you have handy at home instead of using dog shampoo? Let’s find out.

Shampoo is directly corelated to a healthy skin. Some shampoos have the potential to cause irritation, itchiness, and redness in dogs, which, in turn, can make them reluctant to shower a second time.

Let’s explore in this article weather it is alright or not to use baby shampoo to wash your pup.

Baby shampoo is formulated for babies’ sensitive skin, so if you’re out of normal dog shampoo, and need to use a baby shampoo in an absolute pinch, go ahead and grab a bottle of unscented (lightly scented is OK too), clear baby shampoo like Johnson’s Natural Baby Shampoo or Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo.

The Truth About Using Human Shampoos For Dogs

When it comes to dogs, regular human shampoos are a definite no-no. This is because human shampoos are specifically formulated for human skin. Namely, the regular skin pH balance in humans is between 5.2 and 6.2. On the other hand, in dogs the pH ranges between 5.5 and 7.5.

Therefore, using shampoos formulated for different pH balance can have devastating consequences. More precisely, both humans and dogs have a protective barrier over their skin called the acid mantle. When bathing, that protective layer gets scrubbed away. With the acid mantle scrubbed away, microorganisms can run rampant and over time the dog’s skin becomes itchy, irritated and easy to peel.

In a nutshell, human shampoos destroy the dog’s acid mantle thus triggering a vicious cycle of reactions. With the protective barrier disrupted, infectious agents can easily penetrate the skin. Those infectious agents cause itching and scratching that lead to open abrasions and wounds. The open abrasions and wounds are easy targets for additional infections.

Over time, dogs with disrupted acid mantles start to smell. When dogs start to smell, dog parents usually respond with practicing more frequent baths which only aggravates the problem!

The Top 5 Baby Shampoos for Dogs

This formula contains natural oat extracts. It is specifically designed to be hypoallergenic and it is soap-free, tear-free and parabens-free. The Aveeno baby shampoo can be easily rinsed off and it gives the coat soft and smooth feel.

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Present on the market for well over 50 years, the Johnson’s baby shampoo has an excellent reputation, is easy to access and comes with an affordable price.

This 2 in 1 formula (wash and shampoo) uses natural ingredients (soy proteins, moisturizers, vitamin B and essential oils) that both clean and soften the skin. The Burt’s bees baby shampoo is free of SLS, parabens, phthalates and petrolatum.

This product is made of vegan and organic ingredients. Instead of artificial fragrances the formula uses olive oil. Due to its delicate components the Dr. Bronner’s unscented baby liquid soap is perfectly safe to use on dogs.

This all-purpose formula is both dye-free and tear-free. It is specifically formulated to gently clean the skin without drying it. It contains chamomile essence and pro-vitamin B5.

Signs You Need to Consider Changing Your Dogs Shampoo

Regardless of which shampoo you decide to use, your dog may not tolerate it. Unfortunately there is no ideal, one-type-suits-all type of shampoo. Each dog is different and requires individual approach. You can buy the most popular and expensive shampoo on the market, but if it does not suit your dog’s skin and coat you will need to change it.

The most commonly observed signs that indicate a switch of shampoo is needed include:

  • Particular itchiness after bath time
  • Obsessive paw biting
  • Head shaking
  • Face rubbing
  • Body nipping and/or licking.
  • Other more serious signs include:

  • Persistent or repetitive ear and paw infections
  • Development of hives, rashes and skin infections
  • Development of bald patches, blisters and ulcerations on the skin.
  • Worst case scenario, if your dog is extremely allergic to a particular component present in the shampoo, it may develop a life-threatening condition known as anaphylactic shock. Due to its fast onset and development, the anaphylactic shock is considered a medical emergency that requires immediate veterinary attention.

    What human shampoo is safe for dogs?

    These shampoos are made with natural ingredients so they don’t irritate sensitive skin, making bath time comfortable for your dog.

  • Natural Animal Solutions Herbal Shampoo for Sensitive Skin. …
  • Perfect Coat Puppy Shampoo. …
  • Rufus + Coco Flea Flee. …
  • Fidos Everyday Shampoo. …
  • Nootie Japanese Cherry Blossom Rejuvinating Shampoo.
  • FAQ

    What baby shampoo can I use on my dog?

    Their hair is different and so is their skin. So the best option is always to use shampoos made specifically for dogs – better yet, for their own breed or fur type. However, Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo is so soft and free of harmful chemicals that it can be used in dogs – even in puppies.

    Can you bathe dogs with Aveeno?

    Dogs may not love baths but when they feel relief from the itch, Your pup will be happy and so will his family. Open one packet of Aveeno Colloidal Bath. Pour the contents into a plastic bowl. Add two to three cups of cool, clean water.

    Can I use oatmeal baby shampoo on my dog?

    In fact, many experts agree that baby shampoo is okay for dogs as long as it’s cleared by your dog-tor, is unscented, and is clear. It’s made for sensitive skin, so it can be a good choice for pet owners that are concerned about the harshness of many soaps and dog products.