Cane Corso Vs Wolf

For any dog to defeat a wolf, such a dog must have a higher bite force and excellent hunting skills.

For any dog on this list to be able to stand a wolf, the dog must be extensively trained and must have practiced before facing any wolf.

Back in the days when farmers had to go the extra mile to protect their livestock from wolves and other powerful predators.

Dogs have been used for guarding livestock for ages, and today dogs have been the most popular pets in the world.

The higher bite force is a gift from nature to dogs while they can develop hunting skills.


With their large physique and build, anyone can label both the Cane Corso and the wolf as strapping and robust. Bearing in mind that the Italian dog was widely used as a hunting hound back in its historic days, it’s fair to have an impression of him being ferocious and capable of pinning anyone down. It’s the same with the wolf. This wild animal is known to hunt twilight until nighttime for survival. He also has an average of 14% successful kills which include larger prey.

In all honesty, it’s not easy to determine who’s much stronger, but what’s clear is that they both are, no question.

Nov 12, 2019#5 2019-11-12T19:32On average pretty meh, lots of bad corso breeders around even (or especially) in Italy, but a good one is about as good as it gets for a wolf fight. A good one is basically the exact same animal like the one that fought the jaguar (and before that beat loads of wolves and striped hyenas), at that time the dogue de Bordeaux and cane corso were the same animal. And yes this dog fought and beat wolves so frequently they made statues about it-

Nov 12, 2019#9 2019-11-12T20:12I mean I wouldnt say that Jack London was exactly accurate, as he had a saint bernard shepherd mix kill a bear and a moose by itself, fight off entire packs of wolves and indians. (call of the wild) And a female lynx/bobcat kills a male wolf in white fang which is probably the least believable

Nov 12, 2019#12 2019-11-12T20:58Yeah if I was a blank slate who knew nothing Id put no weight in anything he says, but the account of the bulldog beating white fang just unmistakably rang true. I feel like the other fanciful interactions are what he would like to see happen, while the bulldog beating white fang was more what he regrettably knows does happen, or at least had seen or heard of happening. Like I said its too realistic. Intimate knowledge of gripping dog fighting technique vs wolf/primitive dog fighting technique that lay man fantasists dont typically possess. Free all the members Free yp Free celly Free lekky Free mondas Free Dr Ass Free Cherny Free Dale Free Lycaon Free Tundra Eagle Free bigbonns Free saiyamel Free gato Free reddhole Free Apollyon Free perrault

Nov 12, 2019#10 2019-11-12T20:47I agree, but white fang vs the bulldog happens to align with reality in lots of little ways and like I said this novel is incidentally from a time when that match-up was taking place all the time. Id suggest he had insider info on that one, lynx vs wolf or St Bernard vs Bear/wolf pack probably not so much. Its a novel, not proof of anything of course. But when you weigh up all the tiny little scant clues and cross check them all against one another over time you start to get a picture. Free all the members Free yp Free celly Free lekky Free mondas Free Dr Ass Free Cherny Free Dale Free Lycaon Free Tundra Eagle Free bigbonns Free saiyamel Free gato Free reddhole Free Apollyon Free perrault

Nov 12, 2019#3 2019-11-12T13:50Wolves in general are very difficult matchups for compact dogs that dont have a decent weight advantage; strength can easily be manipulated by agility/reach/speed/stamina and the wolf has the advantages in these departments, plus a size advantage and would likely be the dictator of this fight. The Cane Corso certainly has good chances when breaking through the defense of the wolf and shifting the fight into close combat but I dont think thats the most likely outcome. I would definitely favour the wolf here.


Can a Cane Corso beat a wolf?

In an unavoidable encounter, there’s a chance that your Cane Corso can defeat an average wolf. This Mastiff from Italy is large, bulky, powerful, and ferocious enough to take the challenge of a threatening wild animal.

What dog can beat a Cane Corso?

So if you want to know what dog can kill a wolf: the Kangal wins hands down. A Kangal’s temperament is one that is rarely found in such protective and strong breeds. Yes, they have the ability to kill a wolf in a single bite, but they are also excellent family dogs and can be very gentle around small children.

Is there a dog stronger than a wolf?

The Cane Corso is a dog with one of the strongest bites out there. In fact, it is rivaled only by the Kangal.