Churchill Dog On Skateboard Is It Real

The new campaign, which has been directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, gives the original nodding pup mascot a CGI makeover, courtesy of studio Untold Studios. This CGI “Churchie” glides through life (on a skateboard, naturally), showing just how chill he is knowing that everything has been insured by Churchill.

Who sings the new Churchill advert?

The music in the 2021 Churchill Dog Slide advert is a song called ‘Morals’ recorded in 2019 by a musical collaboration, namely Africa Express, Moonchild Sanelly, Mohotella Queens, Muzi and Mrs Jukes.

What is the song on the new Churchill advert 2021?

Churchill Advert Music – Skateboard ‘Chill’

Can the Churchill dog really skateboard?

And even though nobody’s really talked about the Churchill nodding dog that much recently, it seems that he has plenty of silent admirers. … Either way, there’s no denying that he’s an incredibly well-realised CGI dog riding a skateboard, and for that we salute it.