Clifford The Big Red Dog Banned Episode

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‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’: the fake banned episode.

If you grew up reading stories about the ginormous pupper who started his life out as an absolute runt, then youll know that Cliffords entire life can be summed up with a simple phrase: Wow, thats a big dog.

Whether hes too big to fit inside of a car, too big to fit inside of a house, or too big to take to a parade, the good-hearted, lovable monster has been captivating the hearts and minds of children since 1963.

So of course, it makes sense that folks on the internet would besmirch such a wholesome figure of American childrens literature with tall tales of a “banned episode.” Article continues below advertisement

While an episode of the series was actually banned (for socially predictable reasons — more on that later), the story currently hosted on Geosheas Lost Episodes Wiki is not true, but is hilarious nonetheless.

In the post, the author claims that they purchased a lost episode that features Emily Elizabeth taking a three-hour shower, and her friends — T-Bone, Cleo, and Mac — putting Clifford in some gross predicaments. Article continues below advertisement

The Big Red Dog takes giant poops in the dog park, pees in a lake that hes swimming in, and turns off the hot water while Emilys taking a long shower. The post also claims the “banned episode” animates Cliffords butthole and shows Emily naked while eating a jar of Nutella on the couch.

Peak internet humor at its worst.

The story culminates in the author writing to PBS to complain about the episode, with the network responding that they were “forced” to create the episode at the behest of an actor. You can read the insane post in its entirety here.

“Take big poops in the dog park, swim in the lake and pee in it, and turn off Emily Elizabeths hot water.”

Then in the year 2007, we received a package from an unknown person. So, we decided to sell it to EBay to see if we could get a report from someone. We’d never ever make an episode of Clifford that featured nudity. Thanks for writing this to us.

“Woof!” Clifford said. Emily Elizabeth leaves, as Clifford makes a howl to call out to his friends T-Bone, Cleo and Mac.

I was really curious into how this episode would go. I have a VHS player in my dorm room. I grabbed some popcorn and a few twinkies out of my fridge, and placed the tape in my VCR. The intro started normally. The book opened to reveal the title card. The episode started with Emily Elizabeth Howard and Clifford in their backyard. Whats weird is that Emily Elizabeth is in her blue and white bathing suit. She tells Clifford something.

Emily Elizabeth turns off the shower, and comes out of the bathroom without a towel. She starts grabbing a can of Nutella and some potato chips, and sits on the couch while being naked. T-Bone starts looking through the window. He pulls out a Kodak camera, and takes a picture. Emily Elizabeths parents come back from the grocery store. Mr. Howard notices that Emily was naked while all alone. He screams out, “Emily Elizabeth! Why are you doing naked while home alone?” Emily starts walking up to her room, and puts on her clothes. Her father says “Thats better. Now dont do it again!”

Where can I watch Victoria Stilwell?

Positively TV is the only place to access all of Victoria’s content via one streamlined platform.

Again, we thank you for your passion and your interest in Victoria’s efforts to promote +R globally, and hope that this has helped to assuage any concerns you may have going forward. Please feel free to repost this email (only in its entirety) on any message boards/email lists you feel would benefit from hearing from Victoria directly.

Victoria is proud to be a part of the growing movement of positive reinforcement trainers in the world and in the U.S., and we feel confident that the overwhelming majority of the impact she and her show have had and continue to have on the average dog-owning public are true to her ideals and accurately reflect her passion for advocating force-free methods at the expense of compulsion training. She has filmed over 100 episodes of the show which is aired in over 50 countries, and though she is the first to admit that no trainer (including herself) is free from having made mistakes, we don’t feel it’s a fair statement to suggest that she or her show have ‘undermined’ all positive trainers. More than most, Victoria is acutely aware on a daily basis of the uphill battle faced by those trainers who practice force-free, science-based methods, especially since she is in the position of fighting that uphill battle on a very public scale.

Obviously I find this very insulting and not what I would have expected after helping out with your show. I am very good at turning the other cheek when I am insulted but what is particularly bothersome is that I am primarily an internet based business and to have your company (with its large influence) suggest to spread information that I somehow an inferior trainer that should be avoided and was basically a mistake to have on the show can cause prejudice against my company and have a negative impact on my in a way that is not warranted.

Obviously the majority of dog trainers working in the field today are not televised and only have the last of those three concerns to deal with on a daily basis, and while Victoria feels blessed to be able to have such a unique platform from which to help move the needle in a positive direction in the debate over training methods, she also realizes and accepts the fact that by putting her work on such public display she opens herself to criticism from all corners. We appreciate your feedback and value your input, but at the same time we do not agree that the airing of the episodes in question resulted in the level of tragic consequences that you detail below. Very, very few of the viewers of the show will know the background of who the various 3rd parties are that Victoria works with on the show, and even fewer will go out of their way to investigate them to the point where they’ll become confused by the message of the show. In fact, a closer watching of the actual episodes will reveal that despite whatever methods the trainers in question may promote privately, all of the methods and tools used on the shows only serve to support Victoria’s vocal promotion of positive reinforcement methods. So while the inclusion of the trainers may be questioned, the integrity of the message delivered by the shows including those trainers cannot.

If you understood how different the person in the letter is to the person i worked with, helped, and trusted, it would be easy to understand how I found no use in responding.

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What episode is Clifford banned?

Banned Episode: The 2019 reboot episode “The Big Red Tomato / Dogbot” was banned from Alabama Public Television because the latter segment introduced Samantha’s lesbian mothers. Casting Gag: Having T-Bone’s friend Hamburger being specifically voiced by Kenan Thompson.

Why was Clifford cartoon Cancelled?

‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’: the fake banned episode.

While an episode of the series was actually banned (for socially predictable reasons — more on that later), the story currently hosted on Geoshea’s Lost Episodes Wiki is not true, but is hilarious nonetheless.

What happened to Clifford the Big Red Dog show?

Trivia (8) The show was cancelled following the death of John Ritter, who voiced Clifford in this series. No one replaced him either. The show is based on the books written by Norman Bridwell.