Coconut Oil Bulldog Wrinkles

Curious about the benefits of using coconut oil on your dog? You’ve heard of all the amazing benefits to using coconut oil on skin, hair, cuticles, teeth and in your gut. But, have you heard that all these same benefits are true for dogs, too?

Well, they are. In fact, the use of coconut oil is widely promoted within the doggy-community because of its vast array of benefits.

So, lets first understand what part of coconut oil makes it so magical and then we can go onto its fantastic applications to your pup!

Coconut oil is made from coconuts harvested off of the coconut palm and consists mainly of saturated fats.

Within these fatty stores, there’s Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) that offer us and our canine friend benefits such as energy.

Going even deeper into the scientific pool, we see that MTC’s in coconut oil consist mainly of lauric acid. This is the most important reason for the proactive use of coconut oil in dogs; it has clear and natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties!

So, there’s really no reason to resist the calming and organic allure of coconut oil for dogs. Here’s more:

What Can Coconut Oil do For Your Bulldog?

Dermatitis, yeast infections, hot spots, dry skin/dandruff, parasites, immune system deficiencies, and warts and fungal infections can all be reduced, remedied or eliminated with the simple, twice a day application of coconut oil! It gets much better! The oil also works as a healing agent for minor cuts and wounds and it helps to moisten dry noses and paw pads when applied directly.

The a fore mentioned Lauric acid found in coconut oils might even increase your Bulldog’s energy levels as it is a fatty acid. This due in part because of the body’s power to convert fat into energy. More energy means increased activity and more calories burnt.

**Let’s get one thing straight. Although coconut oil can be topically used as a healing agent for minor cuts, wounds and dermatitis in-between the folds it’s important you properly treat the area with traditional methods before applying coconut oil.

For instance, if your bully has developed a yeast infection under his nose rope, it’s important you clean and disinfect the folds first, then apply your coconut oil. I want to be clear that just throwing coconut oil over a dirty wound or infected folds will not have a positive effect.

Our Bulldogs loved the Coco Therapy Macaroons pictured to the right of the page! As all my readers know, I test many of the treats personally before offering them to our bullies and honestly, they weren’t too bad. They’re a bit crumbly, but it’s ok if you plan break them into smaller pieces anyway.

The coolest thing about this treat is that there really is organic coconut oil listed in the ingredients. For a Bulldog that’s a bit more finicky about coconut oil, this treat might be a great way to sneak it in.

Coconut Oil a Cure-All For Bulldogs?

Now, I know from personal experience that the use of coconut oil will by no means empower any of us Bulldog owners to discontinue seeing our vets entirely. Of course, many advanced instances of yeast infections, dermatitis, and hot spots will need veterinarian strength medications. However, I most certainly believe that coconut oil can act as a Bulldog’s first line of defense for avoiding these common ailments.

Including a tablespoon a day in our Bulldogs’ diets could largely improve the look and feel of their coats and help to build a stronger immune system. Undoubtedly, most Bulldog enthusiasts will appreciate the healing factors achieved when applied directly to their Bulldogs’ skin especially for those which consistently struggle with hot spots, itchy skin caused by skin allergens and ring worm, just to name a few.

Lip fold dermatitis (affects dogs with loose, hanging lips)

  • Redness accompanied by moistness
  • Swollen, lips that appear painful to the touch
  • Foul odor coming from the lips
  • Discolored and matted fur around the mouth
  • Scratching and rubbing at the face
  • FAQ

    Is coconut oil good for bulldog wrinkles?

    Without sounding too gross, the warm, dark and moist areas of a dog’s folds are the perfect breeding ground. But, this can be combated with use of coconut oil based wrinkle creams such as Squishface Wrinkle Paste.

    Can I use coconut oil on my dogs wrinkles?

    You can give your dog coconut oil topically by rubbing some onto your dog’s skin folds and other affected areas with a cotton swab. Alternately, you can also give your dog coconut oil orally, which may help fight other bacteria in your dog’s system.

    Can you put coconut oil on bulldog?

    Coconut oil is generally safe for dogs to eat in small amounts or have applied to their skin or fur. When it comes to selecting a brand, virgin coconut oil is best, as most of coconut oil’s benefits have been observed with this type.

    Is coconut oil good for English bulldogs skin?

    Applied externally, you can rub coconut oil on to your dog’s fur and skin and brush them. This can help clear up multiple skin issues that dogs can have, and will keep their coat looking beautiful year-round.