Comforter That Repels Dog Hair

a Dog Hair ComforterBefore adopting a dog, every owner swears that they won’t let their new family member up in the bed with them. That vow usually only lasts a night or two before they have a new full-time snuggle companion.

While cuddling with your pooch in the middle of the night is one of life’s greatest joys, finding out that your comforter is covered in dog hair isn’t quite as exciting. You can vacuum or wash your comforter regularly to try to keep the problem under control, or you can just buy one that doesn’t capture dog hair in the first place.

The comforters shown below are some of the best for repelling dog hair, so you can get a good night’s sleep without waking up looking like the Wolfman. They’re not all created equal, though, and in our reviews, we’ll show you which ones will help you sleep soundly at night, as well as which ones will leave you feeling cold.

A Stain-Resistant Comforter That Wicks Moisture

Made from incredibly soft brushed microfiber, this down alternative comforter from Madison Park is perfect for pet owners. The box-quilted comforter has a satin border for a touch of style and comes in your choice of several colors. It has a 3M Scotchgard treatment that keeps the comforter looking fresh by helping stains come out easily in the wash, which is a total boon if you share a bed with your pup — just be sure to machine wash cold using a gentle cycle and tumble dry low. According to Amazon reviewers, the comforter really is easy to clean — “after my sick dog peed on it twice, I found out that it washes and dries really, really easily and very well,” one user wrote. The Scotchgard treatment also helps the blanket wick moisture, so sweaty sleepers can stay cool and comfortable at night.

Helpful Amazon review: “Love this blanket! I have been looking for a blanket like this to replace one I had years ago. It is lightweight but still holds heat. Dog hair from my dogs that sleep with us does not stick to it like it does other blankets. The satin binding is silky to touch. I highly [recommend].”

  • Available sizes: Twin, Oversized Twin, Full/Queen, Oversized Full/Queen, King, Oversized King
  • Pet hair should slide right off this silky satin comforter, which comes packaged with matching pillowcases. The satin is made from smooth microfiber, which feels pleasantly cool to the touch and has a super lightweight polyester filling so you don’t get too hot at night, even when your fur baby is snuggling close. Choose from a handful of different color options.

    Helpful Amazon review: “Keeps dog hair to a minimum! Love the silky feel, great for summer time as it is thin.”

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  • A Striped, Quilted Sateen Cotton Comforter

    This lightweight comforter is perfect for anyone with dogs, since it’s covered in 500-thread-count sateen cotton that’s super smooth to the touch. According to one reviewer who has three dogs, fur sticks less to this smooth material than other fabrics. Available in a few colors (some of which might do a better job hiding fur or other messes) and filled with polyester, Amazon reviewers suggest the quilt is perfect for hot sleepers or anyone who likes to layer their blankets. Unlike many comforters, you can actually machine wash this one in a normal cycle (rather than cold) and dry it on medium, which is ideal for dealing with any pup-related messes.

    Helpful Amazon review: “Love the light weight and softness. The fabric is excellent quality and colour is beautiful. The price was awesome.”

    For a high-end, hotel-quality comforter thats still hypoallergenic, you cant go wrong with this Moons Sleepwares silk comforter. Its made of cotton sateen shell with a 100% silk fill thats soft to the touch and repels away pet hair. Plus, this lightweight, all-season comforter is perfect all year long in moderate climates, though if youd prefer a cooler or heavier option, this product is also available in summer and winter weights. While this comforter is dry-clean only, the slick surface of the sateen fabric is resistant to dirt and hair, meaning you can get away with laundering this comforter less often than you might otherwise need to.

    Helpful Amazon review: “I cant believe Ive been without this for so long. What a simple elegant solution. The weight is perfect, the feel is fantastic. I love this comforter.”

  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • FAQ

    What kind of comforter does not attract dog hair?

    Comforters made of silk, satin, tightly-woven microfiber polyester, sateen cotton, or cotton with a thread count of at least 400 are generally superior to jersey, knit, and low-thread-count cotton ones when it comes to resisting dog hair.

    How do I protect my comforter from dog hair?

    If your pet sleeps with you at night, you can spread a fleece blanket or an embroidered quilt on top of your bedding. These will provide an extra layer of protection, as most of your pet’s fur will collect on them and not all over your luxurious comforter or luxurious 300 thread count duvet cover.

    What fabric does dog hair not stick to?


    Microfiber fabric is made from such tightly woven fibers that pet hairs have nothing to stick to. They’re synthetic fibers, which makes them stronger than natural fibers that are more prone to breaking. Even better, microfiber is mold-resistant.