Costco Brand Blue Buffalo Dog Food

In this comparison article for Blue Buffalo vs Kirkland Signature, well highlight the key differences between these two pet food brands. To properly compare Blue Buffalo and Kirkland Signature, well use up-to-date nutritional and price information.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best pet food brand for your pet. Factors such as ingredient quality, guaranteed analysis, product safety, brand history, and cost are among the most important factors to consider.

Throughout this Kirkland Signature vs Blue Buffalo comparison, weve utilized average data to make general comparisons. If youd like to see individual product reviews, visit our Blue Buffalo Review Page or Kirkland Signature Review Page.

3 Most Popular Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recipes

This is the brand’s flagship formula, and one of its most basic. However, its claim to fame is due as much to what’s not inside as to what is.

This food came along at a time when being corn-, wheat-, and grain-free was enough to set you apart, but nowadays many brands (including Kirkland) have grain-free options.

The level of protein is as low as in most Kirkland foods, although it does have a bit more fiber (5%). There’s more meat in here, too, as chicken, chicken meal, and chicken fat are all among the primary ingredients.

You’ll find quite a bit of plant protein in here too, though, and quite a bit of salt. Of course, you’ll also see high-quality foods like kelp, blueberries, and cranberries, so that balances things out a bit.

All in all, Blue Buffalo’s most basic food is probably slightly better than what you’ll find from Kirkland, but we don’t know if it’s enough to justify the extra cost. Pros

  • Real chicken is first ingredient
  • Early adopter of the grain-free philosophy
  • Includes foods like kelp, cranberries, and raspberries
  • Cons

  • Low in protein
  • Has quite a bit of salt
  • A bit pricey for what you get
  • The Brand is Known for Its LifeSource Bits

    If you open up a bag of Blue Buffalo, you’ll see small, dark chunks mixed in with the kibble. They look like different (possibly overcooked) pieces of kibble, so you may do a double-take.

    Don’t worry, though — they’re supposed to be there. These are their proprietary LifeSource Bits, which are chunks of vitamins and antioxidants they mix in with the food to up the nutritional value.

    Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Recipe Adult

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  • GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD: BLUE Freedom grain free adult dog food is specifically formulated to meet the…
  • While all Blue Buffalo’s foods are free of corn, wheat, and soy, this one takes things a step further by eliminating all gluten-containing grains.

    This makes it ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitive dispositions, and there’s plenty of omega fatty acids in here that should help with stomach and skin irritations.

    There’s still not much fiber inside, but at least it ups the fiber to compensate. Part of that comes from the starches it uses to replace the grains, which are mainly made from peas and tapioca.

    The only questionable ingredient we see is white potatoes, which aren’t bad for your dog necessarily, but they will give many pooches gas. It’s up to you whether you’re willing to tolerate that. Pros

  • Contains absolutely no grains
  • Ideal for dogs with allergies
  • Lots of omega fatty acids
  • Cons

  • Low in protein
  • Potatoes may cause gas
  • FAQ

    Did Costco stop selling Blue Buffalo dog food?

    This is a very close competition, as they both use many of the same ingredients. However, Blue Buffalo is more likely to include a variety of meats in their recipes, whereas Kirkland often relies on protein meals. As a result, we think your dog might prefer Blue Buffalo a bit more.

    What is Kirkland dog food comparable to?

    Blue Buffalo Bits dog treats are the same price at Amazon and Sam’s Club. Blue Buffalo dog treats are the same price at Amazon and Sam’s Club. Costco doesn’t sell these treats in stores.