Covering Puppy Crate With Blanket

Dogs use their crates to feel safe and secure. Covering their crate with a blanket can help them feel even more at ease. The blanket will also reduce the amount of light that comes in and make it easier for them to adjust to the darkness.

Putting a blanket over dog crates can also help with separation anxiety. For example, your dog may feel anxious when you leave for work or go on vacation because their crate is at home, and they want to remain there with you.

Is it ok to cover a puppy crate?

Creates A Dark Area Which Makes Sleeping Easier

If your dog struggles with falling asleep due to an active household with many lights on, covering a crate with a blanket is not a bad idea as it will create a dark area that is much easier to sleep in. The darkened crate will send signals to your dog’s body that it is a time to rest due to the absence of light.

You can even use a dog crate cover set to increase the darkness levels in your dog’s crate!

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Covering your dog’s crate with a blanket can help calm down your dog and ultimately reduce anxiety by limiting visual stimuli. You can even further help your dog during anxious times by putting a calming dog bed inside the crate!

Should You Put A Blanket Over A Dog Crate:

If done correctly, putting a blanket over your dogs crate has many more benefits than disadvantages. As long as you make sure they have sufficient oxygen flow and aren’t going to overheat, a blanket over their crate is a great idea.

In this post we’ll discuss the pros and cons of putting a blanket on top of your dog’s crate and ultimately if it’s the right decision for you.

Covering Puppy Crate With Blanket

2) Increases Their Feeling Of Security

Your dog’s ancestors lived in dark dens before doggos were domesticated.

This is why dog’s feel secure in their crate-like dens. By placing a blanket over their crate it increases their feeling of security.

How does it do this? By making it darker, quieter, and warmer inside. Perfect to prolonged resting!