Deshedding Brush For Short Hair Dogs

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FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool – Premium Choice

The FURminator brand is recommended by many vets and pet professionals, and after using their undercoat de-shedding tool, we can see why. Granted, it’s one of the more expensive options available, but we thought it was also one of the most effective and easy to use. The fur-ejector button was a lifesaver when dealing with dogs that don’t like to be groomed so much. With the push of a button, all the loose fur that had been collected on the comb was immediately dumped into the trash, so we could return to grooming. This saved tons of time and helped make the entire process easier.

This tool seemed to remove far more hair than any other grooming tool we tried. It only requires a few passes across your dog’s body to remove all the loose fur, and it does so without damaging the skin beneath. That said, it’s almost a little too effective. It’s easy to overuse since it works so quickly. If you make too many passes, over-grooming can occur and you’ll notice your dog’s coat thinning out! We can’t knock a product for working too well though, which is why the FURminator is our premium choice.Pros

  • Fur-ejector button self-cleans
  • Removes loose hair without damaging the skin
  • Collects loose fur for easy cleanup
  • Cons

  • One of the more expensive options
  • Can cause overgrooming
  • JW Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush – Best Value

    Breed Type: Pin brush
    Color: Black/yellow

    If you’re trying to save a few dollars on your grooming products, you can try the JW Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush. You’re unlikely to find another quality brush for such a low price. We gave the Gripsoft our award for the best dog brush for the money. It has a non-slip grip that makes grooming your pet comfortable and controlled. The short pins are tipped with round ends to prevent irritation when they glide over the skin. The brush effectively removes loose hair to reduce shedding.

    Although the Gripsoft smooths out the animal’s coat and collects loose fur, it sometimes struggles to remove tangles or loosen matted hair. However, if you use the brush at least once a week, your dog’s coat is less likely to have issues with matting. Pros

  • Affordable
  • Non-slip handle
  • Lightweight
  • Cons

  • Does not remove stubborn tangles
  • Le Salon Rubber Grooming Brush

    While most of the grooming brushes we tried had a handle of some type, the Le Salon Essentials rubber grooming brush opts for a finger loop that holds onto your fingers. We liked the idea in theory; but in practice, it was small and uncomfortable for those of us with larger hands. However, our dogs loved the feel of this brush and the rubber bristles are very soft on the skin. That said, it didn’t remove much loose fur or decrease shedding. It also didn’t collect any of the loose hair, so we had a larger mess to clean up afterward than with some of the other brushes we tried.Pros

  • Loop holds onto your hand
  • Rubber bristles are gentle on your dogs’ skin
  • Our dogs loved the feel
  • Cons

  • Small and uncomfortable for larger hands
  • Doesn’t remove much loose fur
  • Didn’t decrease shedding
  • Doesn’t collect loose hair
  • FAQ

    How do you Deshed a dog with short hair?

    The 10 Best Brushes for Dogs with Short Hair
    1. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – Best Overall. …
    2. BioSilk Dogs Brush – Best Value. …
    3. FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool – Premium Choice. …
    4. DakPets Deshedding Brush. …
    5. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush. …
    6. Chirpy Pets Dog Brush. …
    7. Conair PRODog Pet-It for Dog. …
    8. Le Salon Rubber Grooming Brush.

    Is deshedding brush good for dogs?

    Dogs with long coats need a pin brush or slicker brush. Double-coated dogs with undercoats that shed can benefit from a deshedding tool in addition to a brush for everyday use, such as a slicker brush or pin brush.