Did Jennie name her dog after her ex? A Step-by-Step Guide

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  • Meet BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Adorable Dog, Kuma

    Did Jennie name her dog after her ex?

    Jennie’s second pet is Kuma. This brown Pomeranian name is from Japanese and means “bear,” and it suits Kuma because Kuma looks like a bear. Different from Kai, Kuma has lived with Jennie since he was little.

    Did Jennie name her dog after her ex?

    Kuma is more expressive than Kai, and he is a fast-learning dog. Jennie taught him some tricks for 2 years. Kuma’s personality is attractive, and it was approved by BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. She said that when Kuma cries, he sounds like a mother-in-law.

    Did Jennie name her dog after her ex?

    Even though Kuma is close with Kai like a family, this brown Pomeranian is actually closer with Jisoo’s dog, Dalgom. Kuma is often bored if he isn’t with Dalgom.

    Let’s Check Out BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Her Moments With Her Dogs!

    Every BLACKPINK member has their own pets that always accompany them. Lisa has 5 cats and a dog, Rosé has a beautiful fish and a dog, Jisoo has a cute dog, and Jennie has 2 smart dogs, namely Kai and Kuma. Jennie is really protected and loves her pets as their mother. She always shows Kuma and Kai to BLINK and updates fans with their activities.

    However, to get to know more about Kai and Kuma, you can read this article because Channel-Korea has provided all the information about Jennie’s pet dogs’ names, breeds, and their moments. Check it out!

    Did Jennie name her dog after her ex?

    Jennie has a pet dog named Kai, and her pet’s name is the same as her ex-boyfriend’s name, EXO’s Kai, and it makes BLINKs think that she gave her dog the name inspired by her ex. But, it turns out that Jennie had given her dog the name Kai before she dated EXO’s Kai which was around 2012.

    Kai’s breed is a white Cocker Spaniel and is Jennie’s first furry friend. This dog’s personality is very shy and it doesn’t like to play frequently. This cute dog lives at Jennie’s parents’ house so some BLINKs might not know about Kai.

    Did Jennie name her dog after her ex?

    Kai is Jennie’s first dog, and surely Jennie is very concerned about Kai’s growth and health condition. Jennie also shared her pet activities with BLINKs on Vlive, such as on August 3, 2019, Jennie did a live broadcast on Vlive with Kai.

    Did Jennie name her dog after her ex?

    During a live broadcast, Jennie told about Kai’s health and asked BLINKs for advice on her dog’s health. Jennie says that her dog Kai was suffering from facial paralysis. She admitted that she took the broadcast on purposely to ask her fans who have pets to give her some advice about this kind of symptom. So many BLINKs gave her advice and paid attention to her dog.

    Jennie’s manager seems to be afraid of her help him lol

    Previously, the social media user gurumiharibo leaked BTSs V alleged photo in BLACKPINK Jennies bed with her cat. Before that, the same user also leaked dog and cat photos on Jennies bed.

    On September 19, a Pann post claiming V and Jennie have been dating since 2021 garnered a lot of attention.

    But Jennie changed the headboard of her bed earlier this year. She posted this photo on February 4.

    So, (Vs) photo taken on Jennies bed means its from 2021. They already look so comfortable with each other, and they dont even look like a couple who met a short time ago. They look like a couple who have been dating for at least 8 months.

    (Is there any way to get rid of this Instagram recommendation?… It’s a scary app.) 2.[+630, +94] Then, what about GD?

    3.[+583, -46] Its true that theyve been dating since last year. It was already weird that they didnt attend any year-end shows but Dispatchsㅋㅋㅋ.

    4.[+480, -40] Report those comments here (There are comments about Jennie dating 2 people at the same time and that she had a transit relationship).

    5.[+436, -28] To be honest, Instagram first suggests you the people on your contact list. The group that didnt perform at any year-end ceremony performed at Dispatchs concert~~~YGs reaction to relationship rumors is always the same, but Big Hit denied every rumor about the other members, but now they are silent.

    7.[+352, -7] No wonder… It never felt like a fresh couple that just started datingㅋㅋㅋ someone said that they felt like a couple who has a baby in the backseatㅋㅋㅋ.

    9.[+272, -12] The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it gets. How he pretended on Weverse that it was a mistake to follow her. Remember the time he wanted to shoot poisonous darts at peoples neck.

    11.[+265, -8] Under the circumstances, it wasnt a transfer relationship. She dated two people at the same time.

    12.[+262, -8] In the video, the wall is gray. Its the same room. (There are some people who claimed that its not the same room).

    13.[+234, -6] GD might be the reason why both agencies are silent. The 2 might be ruined.

    14.[+209, -5] Its funny that there are people who claims that its not Jennies room because the furniture isnt the same. Jennie changed her furniture before, too. Also, the wall is the same, and Jennies dogs are on the bed/

    16. [+124, -2] But in that case, its even more amazing because its not a leaked picture or a picture like Jeju island pic that was taken by another person. They hid it well.

    18.[126, -13] Then GD was used. Transfer relationship or Jennie dated 2 of them. There is no way that Dispatch didnt know that they were dating. They didnt even publish an article about their breakup, so Jennie and V could go out comfortably. Its weird that BTS went to Dispatch stage when they perform at anywhere. The celebrity that Dispatch hates the most is GD. Didnt they write a whole article for a picture of GD smoking?

    19.[+120, -1] But Jennies dogs name is Kai. So, does V call the dog by Jennies ex-boyfriends name Kai?

    20.[+114, -1] Didnt they pay money for the conditions and appeared at this years Dispatch Festival? They were caught by Dispatch, and the company blocked Dispatch. I guess they signed a contract with them that BTS wouldnt perform at any year-end ceremony but at Dispatchs. How long are they going to pay to stop Dispatch? Share this article