Did Stan From Dog With A Blog Die

Kuma, a dog who played “Stan” on early episodes of Disney Channel’s Dog With A Blog, and later appeared in Nick Jr.’s Mutt & Stuff, has died. He was 16 years old (just shy of 17) and suffered from complications from a recent stroke.

Kuma Von Clifford, the original Stan from the Disney Channel series Dog With a Blog, has passed away at the age of 16, according to a story in Deadline. Kuma was rescued from a shelter in South Los Angeles by his owner, Sarah Clifford, who taught him 75 different tricks.

Stan is an energetic, wisecracking, humorous trouble-maker who loves his new family, and must keep his marvelous ability to speak a secret. Stans canine point of view, whether in the home, in the yard or on his blog, helps the kids navigate both their new sibling situation and ultimately, becomes the tie that binds the family of six (Tyler, Avery, little sister Chloe, Ellen, Bennett, and himself). Even though he talks and likes a lot of “human” things, Stan is still a pure dog at heart. Stan is also helpful to his family even in circumstances that dont look like he would be involved. He chases his tail, barks at mailmen, ardently approaches poodles and is not so wild about cats. In some episodes, he wants to be treated like a “human” and sometimes he only wants a real friend. Although the series hasnt progressed very far, its clear to that Stan soon realizes that his own family are his true friends and that he should trust them, even though he has not yet revealed to Ellen and Bennett that he can speak until the series finale. He also likes poodles and is somewhat a player among dogs.

Stan Mordecai Ramon Deez Charles Liam Wyatt James is one of the two protagonists on Dog with a Blog, along with Avery. He is the James-Jennings Familys pet dog. Unlike other dogs, Stan has the ability to talk, a secret only shared with Avery, Tyler, and Chloe. He also has a blog, but only uses it at night when everyones asleep until the kids discover it when Stan fell asleep. He also has a unique sense of humor he often expresses. Stan loves to finally have a second chance with a family who loves him. Stans birthday is November 10th.

Stans past is a troubled (and confusing) one. He had three past owners, all who attempted to spread Stans secret that he can talk. His first owner was a regular civilian male who was arrested by authorities when he tried to tell them his dog could talk, but they didnt believe him (in addition, Stan had his mouth full of peanut butter). His second owner was a mad scientist that attempted to experiment with him but Stan was able to break free upon realizing and fled with a poodle. Finally, theres Ian Calloway, another scientist who was good at hiding his true intentions from society and planned to reveal Stans secret by finding out what makes him talk. In fact, he was very good at lying, he made up his own side of the story that he was raising Stan since he was a puppy and took good care of him until he ran away. It was then that Stan somehow managed to evade Ian much of his puppyhood and end up at the shelter where Bennett would adopt him.

Stan was more than happy to be with the family, he couldnt get a grip of himself when he was starving of food in the kitchen. Only Avery and Tyler were present when their jaws dropped in awe as they saw Stan talk right in front of their very eyes. One hour later, they both question each other how can Stan talk?

Before Stan became a part of the family, Bennett, the father and child psychologist, and Ellen, the humorous mother who doesnt really appreciate animals, were having trouble with having the kids living in a blended family. On a day they were all not getting along, Bennett surprised the kids with a special gift he hopes will help them get along better. And in the picture arrives Stan, a dog who was rescued at the shelter.

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Kuma went on to work in 74 episodes of Nick Jr’s show Mutt & Stuff, playing the role of “Grandma.” The Sid and Marty Krofft show, starring Calvin Millan and his father, Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, was set in a school for dogs and focused on their training lessons. It ran from 2015 to 2017.

The original star of Dog With A Blog, Kuma was chosen out of thousands of furry Hollywood hopefuls to play the starring role of Stan, a dog who talked (via the voice of Stephen Full) and maintained a blog that covered the antics of his human family.

Clifford said Kuma has received fan mail on the performances, and spent his non-showbiz time as a shelter dog ambassador, charity event guest, and frequent traveler. He knew 75 trained behaviors.

“I was both Kuma’s trainer and his owner,” said Clifford in an email. “Losing Kuma is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. He was my best friend and the smartest dog I have ever known in my 40 years of life. When the time came to say my final goodbye, I fed him his favorite foods, chicken and watermelon, which he ate with vigor until the very end.”

When did Stan from dog with a blog die?

Kuma died on November 21, 2018. … Filmography.

Television Year 2012
Title Dog With a Blog
Character Stan
Notes Main role, first season


How old is Stan from Dog With a Blog?

Kuma was born on December 15, 2001 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He was an actor, known for An American Crime (2007), Wrong (2012) and Dog with a Blog (2012). He died on November 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What breed was Kuma?

Stan James is a 4-year old (28 in dog years) Border Collie mix, with a funny sense of humour, and has the ability to talk.