Do bright lights affect dogs eyes? Find Out Here

Why is my dog afraid of bright lights?

Running along a similar theme to fireworks, a lot of dogs fear thunderstorms because the loud bangs and flashing lights can create confusion and anxiety. … In particular, the flashing lights can disorientate your four-legged friend, which explains why they will usually try and find a place to hide during thunderstorms.

LED Lights have vast options for color and brightness

LED lights are known to have a wide variety of color temperatures and different lighting color outputs ranging from red, blue, green, purple, pink, and a lot more than that.

Moreover, most LED lights already come with dimmable switches. Hence, you can adjust its brightness whenever you want to.

In case you get worried about your pets getting too much exposure to artificial lighting, then you can maximize the dimmable feature of your LED Light. Being able to choose the level of brightness of artificial lights will prevent your dogs’ eyes from suffering eye strains.

LED lights are the type of lights favored by most consumers due to their low-carbon footprint and low energy consumption. In line with this, LED lights use diodes that make their lifespan longer than the types of light we were used to.

Since LED lights are eco-friendly, they are an excellent addition to our efforts to save our environment because just by using them, we help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission annually. Thus, we give our pets a healthier and safer environment.

Why is Sun Protection For Dog Eyes Important?

Have you ever noticed your dog squinting in the sunlight? That’s because he or she is trying to reduce the amount of sun exposure hitting their eyes, just as we would do!

Exposure to ultraviolet light can lead to a variety of dog eye problems, including pannus or even cancer. If your pup is a breed susceptible to pannus, has light pigmented eyelids or light skin on their face or head, or squints because of eye discomfort, they could benefit from sun protection outdoors.

Why Do Some Animals’ Eyes Shine In The Dark?​

For humans and dogs alike, there is nothing like a sunny day in the great outdoors. Fresh air, natural scenery, and bright warm sunshine are made even more enjoyable by the company of our four-legged friends.

As you reach for your favorite pair of shades to block the sunlight from your eyes, consider protecting your pup’s precious face too. Sun protection for dog eyes is an afterthought for most pet parents, but it’s actually very important for your dog’s comfort and possibly even their long-term eye health.

Here is what you need to know about potential problems sun exposure can cause in your dog’s eyes and how you can protect them next time you take a walk or head to the park on a sunny day.