Do Cavapoos like other dogs? Surprising Answer

Does the Cavapoo have prey drive?

No. Unlike sheepdogs and other dog breeds, the Cavapoo has almost zero prey drive. Because of this, the Cavapoo is unlikely to try rounding up other dogs or to want to bite or harm other dogs to protect you from them.

Of course, like all dogs, the Cavapoo does have a slight tendency to want to chase after animals that are smaller than the Cavapoo is, and if these animals happen to be other dogs at the park, so be it. But, seeing as the Cavapoo is such a small dog itself, it’s unlikely that this would be a problem.

If your Cavapoo does start to exhibit negative behaviors when they are around other dogs, thankfully, it should be simple for you to train this loyal, anxious-to-please pooch to do what you want. Simply work on obedience commands like “sit” and “stay” when you’re at home, and use these when you go to the park or out on a walk.

Does the Cavapoo get along with other dogs?

Absolutely! Unlike other dogs like the Terrier, the Cavapoo loves spending time with other dogs. With all the friendliness of the Cavalier and intelligence of the Poodle, Cavapoos enjoy chasing other dogs around at the dog park.

Cavapoos also get along well with their canine siblings. So whether you go for a fellow Cavapoo or a dog of another breed, your Cavapoo would have a great time living with another doggy friend.

Of course, this doesn’t downplay the importance of socialization. All dogs need regular exposure to other dogs, other people and novel situations from as early as possible. But in general, most Cavapoos are very easy to socialize with.

Are Cavapoos Good With Other Dogs?

Cavapoos are typically really good with other dogs because they’re very dog-friendly dogs. If you have aspirations of being a two-dog family, the Cavapoo will be the perfect first or second dog to bring into your home. One reason Cavapoos are so good with other dogs is that they’re small and intelligent enough to realize that most dogs are bigger than them. They probably also realize that starting something with a big dog could be problematic for them!

They do have the tendency to chase after smaller animals, but since they’re usually the “smaller dog”, they get along good with other dogs. However, it is very important to make sure the Cavapoo has basic training and is properly socialized with other dogs at a young age. Socialization is the key to any issues Cavapoos may have with new people, dogs, cats or surroundings. Get our 80+ point Socialization Checklist, here.

7 Reasons You SHOULD NOT Get a Cavapoo

Teddy bears, adorable, cuddly, smart – these all describe the Cavapoo, a cross between a miniature poodle and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Known for their pleasant dispositions, these dogs effortlessly take their place in any family. Their low-shed coats make them a good choice for allergy sufferers, too!

The Cavapoo breed is a devoted companion who’s always willing to romp after the kids or snuggle on the couch. Let’s investigate this designer/hybrid breed to see why they’re becoming more popular as both therapy dogs and family pets.