Do dogs cry when they mate? Surprising Answer

Are dogs in pain after mating?

Another indicator found with the female is a noticeable change in how they walk, which may be due to discomfort from mating. This usually goes away shortly after, but you should contact a veterinarian if the female dog is still walking funny after a day.

The Normal Mating Process

For female dogs, normal mating begins when she is ready to receive the male dog. She indicates this by:

  • Urinating more often than usual (marking spots, which signals her readiness to breed)
  • Having a vaginal discharge that is slower and changing to the color of straw (rather than that of blood)
  • Approaching males with her tail held to one side
  • Possibly being aggressive towards other female dogs
  • Once a male dog approaches her, and she’s ready to receive him, here’s what happens:

  • She will let him sniff her vulva (this is why she puts her tail to one side). This stage is the ‘flagging’ stage
  • The male then mounts her and inserts his penis and starts thrusting (and ejaculating, which he will do several times)
  • While the male is thrusting, the bulbus gland on the tip of his penis is swelling up
  • Once the bulbous gland is fully swollen, the male will lift his hind leg over the female: they will be ‘locked’ end to end. This is the ‘tie’ or ‘lock’ stage
  • The dogs will stay locked together for anywhere from 2 to 40 minutes or longer (2 to 20 minutes on average, depending on the breed)
  • Once the male has finished ejaculating, the bulbous tip on his penis will go back down to its normal size, and he will pull out from the female
  • Do dogs act different after mating?

    The first week or so, you may notice subtle changes in her personality. She may be more affectionate, less energetic or show signs of nesting by keeping her toys in order and close. By the third week, her fertilized eggs are now embryos within the uterus, and are large enough to be palpated by an experienced vet.

    Do female dogs feel pain when mating?

    Mating is a challenging time for male and female dogs. It’s fraught with excitement, anxiety, and more. But why would a male dog cry after mating is finished?

    We’ve put together some information about why a male dog may cry after mating. Read on to learn what we found through our research!