Do dogs feel good after being groomed? Here’s the Answer

Consider A Muzzle In Extreme Cases

A muzzle makes grooming easier and safer for the groomer and easier for the dog. This is especially true if your dog is used to restraints and muzzles. A bit of muzzle training can help reduce the need to use restraints and protect your pet from the consequences of biting.

You can train your dog to put his nose in the muzzle with a soft and spreadable treat like peanut butter. A basket muzzle with small openings will work best. This allows your dog to enjoy treats while the muzzle is on.

Ways To Make Grooming Trips Better For Dogs

Here are some tips to help make your dog more comfortable before, during, and after the grooming process. Keep in mind it may take some time, so patience is key.

Picking the right pet groomer is essential to making the experience less intimidating. Ask your groomer if it’s possible to conduct a test visit with your dog without having any actual grooming done. You can even ask staff to practice handling your dog and reward it with treats.

Try to use the time to familiarize your pup with the sounds and sights of the groomer. Make sure you give it lots of treats after the visit to associate groomers with “good” things and positive experiences.

Why Other Dogs Hate Being Groomed

Unfortunately, not all dogs feel the same way about grooming. Some dogs find the experience stressful and unpleasant, especially if they’ve had a bad grooming experience in the past.

For these dogs, grooming can actually be quite traumatic.

There are many possible reasons for this, but some of the most common include:

  • They got hurt or injured while they were being groomed, such as getting nicked by the nail trimmers or getting soap in their eyes.
  • They had a bad experience with a previous groomer who was rough or unkind.
  • They weren’t introduced to grooming activities as a puppy. As a result, they’re not used to having humans touch them in certain ways or handling their feet.
  • They’re generally anxious or fearful around humans.
  • This is often the case with rescue dogs who’ve been neglected, abused, or mistreated. However, some dogs are also predisposed to anxiety due to genetics or other factors.

    Do dogs feel better after grooming?

    Think about how great we feel after getting our hair cut, a spa day or our nails done. Our pets are the same way; we try to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. Feeding them properly is important to keep them healthy as well as keeping their toys appropriate for their size and age and spending as much time as you can outside. Another way to keep them happy and healthy is to keep a grooming regimen to let our pets feel clean and fresh.

    Grooming is important, especially with the changing seasons. Their fur takes over your home and it can feel like you’re spending all day cleaning up their hair.