Do dogs have hands or feet? What to Know

Do Dogs Have 2 Hands And 2 Feet Or 4 Feet?

Generally speaking, dogs walk on four legs, classifying them as quadrupeds. Veterinarians separate the two sets of legs using the terms “forelegs” and “hind legs”. As you learn the anatomy, it may confuse you.

The foreleg comprises a radius, ulna, and humerus. Also, the joints in the foreleg are the elbow and wrist. The hind leg contains the tibia, fibula, and femur. Additionally, the hind leg joints are the knee and ankle.

Finally, the true function of a hand is to grab and hold items. A dog cannot do this with its paw. This is because dogs do not have collar bones. Since dogs run on all four legs and are faster with more than stamina than humans, their collar bone is replaced with structure of cartilage.

Do dogs have hands or feet?

What is the Hand of a Dog Called?

The hand of a dog is called a paw. All four paws comprise phalanges. Just like the legs, the paws are designated as “forepaws” and “hind paws”. Sometimes, the terms “forefoot” and “hindfoot” are used instead.

The forepaw is the portion of the dog’s leg below the wrist. While the hind paw is the portion of the dog’s leg below the ankle. All four feet contain carpal bones like humans. Although there is no difference in the feet between the fore and hind paws.

The key criteria to be a hand are a thumb and the ability to hold items. While the dewclaw is a vestige of a thumb, it does not provide any support. Dogs cannot move it. Also, dogs cannot hold items with their paws.

Dogs do not have arms. While the bones of the foreleg are like a human arm, it is still a leg. The paw cannot grasp or hold items. Dogs use their forelegs for digging and scratching, but otherwise they forelegs and hind legs the same.

Ultimately, the biggest factor to define the forelegs as legs instead of arms is the absence of a clavicle. The clavicle changes the structure of the shoulder and forces the arms out to the side of the body. Dogs are missing this range of motion. In fact, because of their hips, the hind legs have a much greater range of motion.

Fun Fact #1: Dogs Sweat Through Their Paws

Do dogs have hands or feet?

Do dogs have hands or feet?

If you have ever wondered if dogs sweat, they do! Just not from where you’d expect.

Dogs sweat through their paws. In combination with panting, the sweat glands in their paws help to keep them cool. Sweaty paws can also help with traction.

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