Do dogs know if you’re laughing at them? Here’s the Answer

Signs Your Dog Knows You are Laughing

Dogs are very sensitive to the tone of your voice and so they will soon know if you are laughing at them. They will sense if this is an enjoyable moment. Dogs love to use the “play bow” in a comical situation and if you are relaxed and laughing, you may get a play bow response from your dog.

Dogs wag their tails in happy times and will tilt their heads to get a better appreciation of the laughter. They know the difference between a light-hearted, funny laughter and a mocking, derogatory laughter. The sounds are different. One is light and friendly and the other harsh and unpleasant.

Dogs show you they are enjoying your laughter with sparkling eyes, a toothy, broad mouth and even a funny, panting noise. Certain breeds love laughter more than others. Terriers, especially the Cairn Terrier, love to perform. They will show you comical antics just to hear you laugh and be the center of attention.

A Cairn Terrier became a very famous show dog acting as Toto, Dorothy’s companion in the Wizard of Oz. Getting everyone to laugh and react to their laughter was what made this little character and other show dogs appealing. When you laugh with your dog, your dog will enjoy the game or entertaining activity. Some dogs will get up to mischief just to get your reaction and a laugh for their antics.

These are some signs and body language cues your dog will show you if they enjoy hearing you laugh:

Other signs that you may see when your dog enjoys laughter are:

The History of Dogs Understanding Laughter

Do dogs know if you’re laughing at them?

Dogs have become part of man’s social life and they notice when their master is happy or sad. They enjoy hearing us laugh because their intuition tells them this is a happy experience and being laughed at may bring some treats.

Laughter is the best medicine they say, and some caninces have even become therapy dogs used to cheer people up. Taking a therapy dog to a hospital or old age home is very rewarding. The therapy dog encourages laughter and good cheer from the patients.

Charles Darwin, in his animal studies back in 1872, was studying the emotions of animals. He wrote in his journal, ‘Dogs have a sense of humor.’ Some dogs are more adept at sensing a time for laughter and entertaining. Other dogs are of the more serious temperament. As dogs are social creatures, most dogs will enjoy a good laugh with the family and know when they are being part of the laughing matter!

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