Do dogs like getting their ears rubbed? Get Your Pet Thinking

They Get High on Their Own Hormones

When you give your dog a good ear rub, you probably notice his body melt and relax, or his eyes closing or rolling back in his head.

This is because the endorphins that your dog’s brain is releasing aren’t just making him feel physically good. They’re making him feel high, too!

They’re the same hormones that are released when you exercise.

If you’ve ever heard the term “runner’s high,” it’s in reference to the hormones released during exercise that can make you feel emotionally elevated.

The same thing is happening to your dog when you rub his ears.

I love it when Baloo literally seems to melt away when I rub his ears. Like, he’s the most relaxed ever when I hit the right spots! Dogs can get really high on their own hormones from a good ear rub

There Are Lots of Nerve Endings in Your Dog’s Ears

Dogs have an incredible sense of hearing. In fact, a dog’s hearing is one of his strongest senses. Your dog can hear things you may not even be aware of.

It’s one of the many reasons why dogs bark at night—they can hear something going on that’s distracting them!

Your dog’s hearing is so incredibly keen because they have a lot of nerve endings in their ears. And, of course, not only do these nerve endings make your dog’s hearing so good. Their ears are also more sensitive to your touch.

That’s what makes it feel so good for your dog when you rub his ears!

There’s an area of scientific study called reflexology that provides maps of nerve endings in various body parts. Learning more about reflexology will help you find the best ways to massage your dog’s ears—and other parts of his body. Dogs have very sensitive ears with lots of nerve endings which is why ear rubbing feels so good

How to Make the Best Use of Ear Rubs

Ear rubs feel super good for your dog. There’s no doubt about that! And because they feel so good, there are ways that you can use them to achieve some positive results for your dog.

Here’s how you can use your dog’s ear rubs to your dog’s advantage. And to yours too!

I think Puddy likes to have his ears scratched.