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Tips and Tricks to Developing Friendly Canine Relations

No matter how friendly the dogs may seem, you need to keep them separated for a few weeks to help them understand their boundaries. Early habits last the longest and dogs need some time alone with their belongings just like humans. In order to do this, feed them in different corners of the room with different colored food bowls. And keep their dog beds and mats separated. Give them different toys to play with. And once they know they each have their own space and time, they won’t feel as threatened by each other.

Does gender matter when selecting your dog’s friend?

Gender compatibility matters the most while choosing a new dog for your pup. Watch your dog when he is around other dogs. Does he get along better with males or females?

Your dog may not want another male in the household but would be okay with a female, or vice versa. Most veterinarians suggest choosing the opposite gender whose size is not more than 50 percent different.

As pack animals, dogs are social animals. This means the average canine thrives on having regular play dates with others of his kind. Find out if your four-legged friend might benefit from spending more time with other dogs, and how to go about it.

We all know that regular play is crucial to a dog’s happiness and well-being. Playing with other dogs as well as with humans can be an important part of achieving that well-being. It’s true that some dogs, due to breed, a poor upbringing or lack of socialization early in life, don’t get on well with others of their own kind. But most dogs thrive on regular play dates with canine friends. In fact, not getting enough playtime with other canines can be detrimental to these dogs.

Mixing with other dogs is a happy experience for most canines. Dogs have emotional intelligence, and learn signals from other dogs early on if they’re properly socialized with others of their kind. For example, they learn there are some dogs they can roughhouse with, but that they need to play more gently with puppies.

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Three legged dogs find it easier to walk at a faster pace, and may have difficulty making quick or sharp turns.