Do dogs need their own room? Tips and Tricks

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With the gradual easing of lockdown seeing many of us return to work, a study by found that over a third of dogs (36%) will be left home alone 3.5 days per week — equating to over 5.7 hours per day. While we are itching for normal life to resume, our furry friends could struggle to adjust.

While pups were most distressed in the bedroom, the team found that dogs feel comfortable in the kitchen (71.2 BPM), followed closely by the living room (71.8 BPM). Interestingly, its thought dogs associate both of these areas with positive outcomes (for example, they snuggle with owners in the living room and eat in the kitchen).

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Dogs feel most unsettled when left home alone in the bedroom, with new research discovering it increases their heart rate by a whopping 47.2%.

As part of the research, carried out a study on five different dog breeds (1,000 dogs in total) using heart rate monitors to find out which locations make our four-legged friends feel most at ease — and which we should avoid.

Puppies and their sleeping needs

Puppies see their parents as role models. That’s why they need firm directions in order to grow up as disciplined dogs. Puppies are full of energy…that burns out quickly. That’s why it’s common that puppies pass out asleep after just some minutes of playing!

If you own a puppy, you should think about gradually changing his sleeping spot as he grows. How? Try to follow these tips:

  • Avoid leaving your puppy in a separate room
  • Allow your puppy to sleep next to you, ideally in a crate
  • Gradually get your puppy into the habit of sleeping somewhere else in the house
  • Leaving your puppy alone at night or during sleeping time could be dangerous.

    Puppies may feel lonely and in need of company.

    But if you own a puppy, active time can be dangerous too! This is especially true for the first months in their new habitat. There may be times when your puppy gets distracted and runs away.

    Good to know: Noises, other dogs, and smells are perfect to set your puppy off on an adventure!

    For all these circumstances, you can take precautions and get your puppy a GPS dog tracker to see his location in real-time.

    10 Dog Bedroom Decor Ideas

    Are you keeping your dog confined in one room while at work or away for the day? Here are my Dos and Don’ts for dog-proofing a room!

    Keeping your dog confined in one room is a great alternative to crating your dog, but you must do it right for the comfort, safety, and wellness of your dog. Although keeping your dog in one room is still considered “confinement,” your dog will be happy to have extra space to move and walk around compared to a crate or cage.

    Now that I live the most spoiled rescue Yorkie life ever with the complete run of the house every single day, I cannot imagine going back to a crate life. However, I recognize that not every dog can have the same free-roaming lifestyle. WOOF, that’s why I’m here to bark out some important dog-proofing tips so my furry friends can live a safe, comfortable life without crates.

    If you choose not to give your dog the run of the house while you’re away (like I have all the time), providing your dog with additional space in a dog-proof room will give your dog the much needed mental and physical stimulation versus confining them to a crate or cage! And yes, dogs really do feel emotions like humans.

    Sniff out my Dos and Don’ts when keeping a dog confined in one room below.