Do dogs respond better to male or female voices? Here’s the Answer

Dogs listen and respond to tone of voice, regardless of gender

When it comes to communicating with your dog, remember that how you talk to your dog is equally as important as what cue you’re using.

Julia Jenkins, a certified dog trainer at Pet Dog Training Today, told The Dodo, “The tone of your voice does matter when it comes to how well your dog listens to you, so its not just about being male or female. The way you sound to your dog is based on a variety of factors, including the pitch, tone and volume of your voice.”

She adds, “Generally speaking, dogs do tend to respond more favorably to people with a higher pitch and softer tone, but there are always exceptions. Be positive and upbeat, and use lots of encouragement when training your pup.”

Research appears to confirm this theory, particularly a UK study in 2018 that demonstrated dogs were more responsive to high-pitched “baby talk” when combined with “dog-related” speech, similar to how adults often talk to babies.

Dogs respond to who they perceive to be the leader of the pack

Jacquelyn Kennedy, founder of PetDT and a canine behavioral specialist and certified dog trainer, told The Dodo, “Who a dog listens to depends on who he identifies as being the alpha in a family unit. If he thinks that a woman is the head of the pack or household, he’ll be more likely to listen to her than the man of the house regardless of the tone of anyone’s voice. For a dog, pack position is all-important, and the alpha will always be his primary focus regardless of whether said alpha is male or female.”

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    Does Your Dog Respond Better When You Use a Baby Voice?