Do eggs help a dog’s upset stomach? Get Your Pet Thinking

They seem to work for humans…

One of the most common illnesses that every dog owner has to deal with at some point is diarrhea. Diarrhea in dogs can be caused by many factors, such as viral infections or parasites. It can of course be messy, so you may want to keep your dog outside or separate, although just make sure that you do keep them occupied so that they don’t suffer from separation anxiety.

One of the first steps to take when your furry friend has loose stools is to head to the vet. This guide will talk you through feeding your pup, as well as some other general tips for helping them get better. What do we think about scrambled egg for dogs with diarrhea? We’ll stake our claim on whether this is a good meal choice

Bone Broth

Bone broth is a mild liquid meal that is easy to prepare, easily digested and provides extra nutrients to your four-legged friends diet, for dogs recovering from illness or ones that do not feel like eating after surgery


  • Marrow bones, lamb, turkey or chicken bones/carcass
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Method:

  • Place the bones into a slow cooker, cover with water and add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (the acidity brings out the nutrients from the bones)
  • Simmer gently for 20-24 hours.

  • Allow to cool, scoop off the layer of fat and strain (never feed cooked bones to your dog)
  • The broth can be frozen and fed as required, this tasty broth is a great way to encourage dogs with reduced appetites to eat either on its own or added to dry food.
  • What do you give a dog with an upset stomach?

    Here are a few things you can try, to help your dog feel better if they have an upset stomach:

  • Withhold food.
  • Provide your dog with ice cubes.
  • Give your dog bone broth to drink.
  • Feed your dog canned pumpkin.
  • Are scrambled eggs good for a dog’s upset stomach?

    Eggs are a great source of protein. They also contain essential fatty and amino acids. Eggs, well cooked, can even help settle a dog’s upset stomach, and they can make a surprisingly good training treat.