Do fans cool off dogs? A Complete Guide

How dogs cool down

According to Pet MD, dogs cool down in very different ways than humans do. Dogs sweat a little bit through the pads of their feet, but they mostly cool down by panting. As a dog pants, he moves air through his body, which helps to draw heat out and cool him down.

Dogs can also cool down by jumping into some cool water, which also draws heat out and away from their bodies and reduces their body temperature. Because they have such thick coats, though, dogs dont sweat through their bodies like we do.

History of Heat Stroke in Dogs

Do fans cool off dogs?

Dogs have been suffering from heat stroke since the beginning of time. It can be difficult to recognize the symptoms of heat stroke, and in the past, not much could be done to help dogs who had suffered from heat stroke. Now, doctors can quickly recognize and treat dogs that are brought in with heat stroke.

Dog owners have also learned how to spot heat stroke and help their dogs as much as they possibly can. If you believe that your dog has heat stroke, you should take their temperature to double check. Dogs need to have their temperature taken rectally, and you need to use an approved thermometer. If your dog’s temperature is 106 degrees F or higher, use water and a fan to cool your dog down to at least 103 degrees before attempting to go to the vet.

To cool your dog off, you can dip their feet in cool water, wrap them in a wet towel, or spray them with or submerge them in cool water. To help speed up the process, you can put a fan on them. The fan will help the water evaporate and cool them off. This is a similar process to how humans cool themselves with sweat.

The Best Way To Use a Fan With Dogs

To bring all the advice in this article together, here is a list of practical tips for using fans with your dog:

  • Avoid strong, loud, or extremely cold fans
  • Never aim a fan directly at a dog
  • Give your dog a place to escape the cold air
  • Use fans on low settings
  • Use fans on oscillation mode (the fan head moves back-and-forth)
  • Keep small or unstable fans out of reach
  • Protect fan cords
  • Place the fan at least a few feet away from your dog or crate
  • Do fans keep dogs cool?

    I’ve loved dogs all of my life. Growing up with them in the US and Germany, I learned a few things about keeping them comfortable in the heat.

    Fans are not bad for dogs. Fans help regulate temperature, manage humidity, deter pests, and prevent heatstroke. However, fans do not directly help dogs cool down because dogs do not sweat. Strong, loud, and unprotected fans can hurt dogs. Do not aim a fan directly at dogs.