Do Greyhounds show affection? A Comprehensive Guide

Getting a Greyhound as your First Dog

When I went to the kennel pick out my first greyhound, I was spoiled for choice. There were so many beautiful, engaging dogs there. They were excited to see visitors. Several barked and shuffled in their crates, hoping to get our attention. Then, I saw one curled up in a ball, who looked completely disinterested in the whole situation. I asked the kennel manager, “Is this one depressed?”

She replied, “Maybe, but once you have them home for a few weeks, their little personalities just bubble right out!”

I kind of thought you went to the kennel, and your dog “picked you;” but this poor thing wasn’t going to be picking anybody, and nobody was going to be picking her, either. She didn’t even want to come out of her crate. The manager, a seasoned greyhound trainer, plucked the dog, gently but firmly, out of her crate. She was clinging to her bedding with her toes! We took her outside, away from the noise, and the transformation, already, was amazing. She zipped around the perimeter of the pen, sniffing excitedly. My husband called her name, and she rushed over to him, tail wagging. I called her, and she turned around, came over to me, and tucked her head under my arm. I was sold.

I had never had a dog before, so I had no expectations. Because of that, I think Peaches actually had an easier transition to home life than she would have with an experienced dog owner. She did not have the pressure of being constantly compared to previous dogs. Greyhounds are competitive, but trying to live up to the ghost of a past pet is one race nobody wins.

First of all, observe his body language.

Happy dog – A happy dog is always relaxed. Also, a wagging tail can be observed. These dogs are showing that they are ready to cuddle with you.

Worried dog – Ears are back. The dog is yawning. The tail is tucked under. These dogs are trying to tell you that they are uncomfortable with your touch at the moment.

A dog’s body language tells you many things. Understanding these will help to get along with the relationship with him or her.

What are some ways to promote or increase cuddle time with your greyhound?

Now let’s dive in to find ways to promote or increase cuddle time with your greyhound. Try these things.

  • First of all, observe his body language.
  • Find out whether he is a natural snuggler.
  • Consistency in training.
  • Gradual success.
  • Give him full attention.
  • Follow his signals.
  • How do greyhounds show affection?

    Are you hesitating to adopt a greyhound thinking whether he will be affectionate or wanna make your calm greyhound a more cuddly one? Here’s a perfect answer on whether Greyhounds like to cuddle.

    Greyhounds are normally like to cuddle and affectionate creatures. But cuddle, affectionate nature mainly depends on the individual. They try to show their affection by nuzzling, back rubs, gently grasping, licking hands, nudging, leaning, eye contacting, and sleeping with the owner in the bed.

    Although greyhound is an affectionate breed, there can be some exceptions. In those cases, it can be increased by positive reinforcement, perseverance, patience, and some other proven tactics.