Do I need to read power of the dog before the cartel? Simple and Effective Tips

What is this saga about? a brief synopsis

We are in the 60’s, specifically in North American lands. The U.S. government is trying to deal with drug trafficking from Mexican cities, the protagonist of this story, Art Keller, is a young member of the DEA that will end the life of the local boss, and thus, the empire of this murky business will fall into the hands of Adam Barrera, and that is not good news at all…

The Cartel book, the second of this saga, will tell us the story of Adan Barrera and how he will want to end the life of Art Keller, and why? You will have to read this second volume to discover his dark reasons.

Just in case you still haven’t figured it out, here you have the order of Don Winslow’s trilogy. In which you can see that you have to start with the book The Power of the Dog, since in this volume we will be introduced in this intriguing and dangerous story.

Do I need to read power of the dog before the cartel?

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Don Winslow’s books in order for The Power of the Dog trilogy

It is said of these books that they hook and that they narrate a reality that is there and that we are unaware of. Here is Don Winslow’s trilogy in order of publication, which is how we recommend you read this saga. As you already know, if you click on the cover of these novels you will be able to get them, and in the same way you will also be able to read the opinions of those who love the thriller genre and have already enjoyed them:

Somehow, we believe that the covers of this story convey the rawness hidden in these pages. An intriguing read that reveals the secrets in the world of drug trafficking.

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