Do I need to wet my puppy’s dry food? A Comprehensive Guide

How Long Can You Keep Soaked Kibble?

Soaked kibble is only good for a single meal. It’s not a good idea to store it in the fridge, even covered.

The moist kibble creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. During the manufacturing process, the kibble is baked to remove any moisture. It’s necessary for the longevity of the kibble. The high heat also kills any remaining bacteria.

Adding water to puppy food creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. It can also attract flies. An easy way to avoid wasting puppy food is by only making enough for one meal at a time.

Do I need to wet my puppy’s dry food?

How to Get Your Puppy to Start Eating Soaked Dog Food?

When your puppy is about four weeks old, start introducing them to kibble. Your pup is still going through the weaning process, so pay attention to the food’s consistency. You want the food soft enough for a puppy to easily lap it up.

Always choose dog food designed specifically for puppies. Your pet is not ready for adult kibble, even after soaking it in water. The nutrients differ in puppy and adult dog food. Puppy food also uses smaller pieces of kibble, making it easier to soften and mash.

Not all puppy food brands contain the same ingredients, so you’ll want to pay attention to what is listed on the label. To avoid triggering food allergies, look for grain-free puppy food with only a few ingredients – the first one should always be some type of meat.

It’s also a good idea to stick with one brand, once you find one your pup seems to enjoy. It’s easier on their developing digestive system to get familiar with one type, rather than switching every week.

Do I need to wet my puppy’s dry food?

Why Shouldn’t You Keep Adding Water to Their Dry Food?

While there is no initial harm if you continue to add water to your puppy’s food, your dog could develop picky eating habits. Some dogs may never grow out of wanting soggy dog food because of the more enticing flavor the soggy food offers. Because of this, it may be harder to feed your dog if they refuse to eat anything but the soggy food.

More so, the danger in soaking dry food comes from the actual soaking process. We recommend soaking dry food for a half hour maximum, or you risk fermenting the dog food and making it inedible. The soaked food also has a higher tendency to attract flies, especially when not checked properly. So really, the main danger in soaking wet food is if the food is not properly prepared, otherwise the food is fine for consumption.

Also, it takes time to prepare your puppy’s food this way, so the sooner you can get him onto dry food the better for you.

Soaking Puppy Kibble with Water: Questions Answered!

When puppies are born, the first thing on their mind is finding their mom’s warmth and seeking food. But once puppies reach a certain age, it is time to help wean them off of their mother’s milk. The easiest way to wean a puppy is to mix dry dog food with water.

The dry food, though, should not be mixed with water for all of a dog’s life because it could cause picky eaters. The trick, then, is knowing when a puppy no longer needs their dry food mixed with water. We can help you figure that out.