Do more with your dog novice tricks list? Surprising Answer

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Do more with your dog novice tricks list?

A lot of lifestyle obedience commands can be considered tricks

Then I realized that a lot of our day-to-day obedience commands could count as both novice and intermediate tricks.

Things like going to her bed and staying until she is released (our place command), going between our legs in “middle” position (something we use for safety around other dogs), and even catching a ball in the air (a huge part of our play) could all go towards our trick titles!

What’s more — trick training is just plain fun. After Scout had a seizure in the middle of December, I really prioritized having a good time together. We were able to teach “meerkat” (our term for sit pretty) in just over a week, and I got hooked.

Practiced and filmed our tricks

Right off the bat, Scout knew enough tricks for her novice title. I decided to go for both novice and intermediate at once, so we spent a bit of time cleaning up our hand signals and learning to balance a treat on her head before filming our entries!

We then filmed each trick in an individual clip. You can also film your entry all in one take — I personally decided to go one at a time because I’m a bit of an organization freak, and this allowed me to name each video file accordingly. AKC evaluators will accept them either way.

We used our marker words and food rewards during our trick filming, which is allowed at both the novice and intermediate level.

  • Go to crate until released
  • Push ups (sit, down, sit, down, repeat)
  • Paws up on touchpad
  • The floor is lava (all four paws on an object)
  • Spin
  • Find food under an object
  • Hand signal for down
  • Touch (nose to my palm)
  • Right-side heel stationary entrance, motion with auto sit
  • Stationary middle position
  • Go to place from a distance
  • Meerkat (sit pretty)
  • Catch
  • Hand signals for sit, down, and come
  • Fetch and deliver to hand
  • Left-side heel stationary entrance, motion with auto sit
  • Balance a treat on her head
  • Hide and seek
  • Forward and backward motion in middle with auto sit
  • Down in motion
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