Do Mutt Muffs Work

The pet product work has gained a lot in popularity, particularly as we see our pets more as family members than objects that we own. With that comes pet clothes, which tend to be geared towards faction more than function. But for dog earplugs, it’s definitely function over fashion. Here’s how in ear dog earplugs are superior to dog muffs.

It is cheaply made. It doesn’t sit well to the shape of a dog’s head and in order to tighten it, so that it would stay on, I would have to choke my dog. Unfortunately a complete waste of money and I will be unable to use them at all. Lana L

I bought these for my border collie who is afraid of most loud noises. He tolerates them well and seems to get some relief from the anxiety. He can still hear the noise, just not as much. I am pleased with the mutt muffs because they fit well and seem comfortable. Tracy F

These will provide hearing protection in any environment, however, the amount of noise reduction varies by fit on the animal and it will not provide total quiet. Q: I am looking for a set of muffs but want them to be Bluetooth so that My dog can hear me so that I can soothe or reassure him if needed. Do you have anything like that?

Not really impressed. Didn’t seem to fit my vizsla well, possibly because of the really short hair. I don’t believe they are providing much if any protection. I’m keeping them because I figured out I can glue four of the foam earplugs together and stick them down in the dogs ears. The ear muffs are good for keeping the dog from being able to shake the plugs out. Phil

Please note, Aircraft Spruces personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic. Q: I have a rough collie (Lassie type) who is very sound sensitive. I measured his head and hes at the top of medium or the bottom of large in head circumference. Would it be better to go smaller or larger, do you think? Hes about 70 lbs., but collies have smallish heads. Thanks.

We dont really recommend them for thunderstorms. Mutt Muffs were designed to prevent hearing damage, not to eliminate sounds. So, they are not very effective for thunderstorms. Most dogs know when a storm is coming long before the first clap of thunder. Most of their fear is not related to sound. Dogs can sense the drop in air pressure, and can feel the static in the air. Even with the muffs on, he will still hear the thunder, just not as loudly. If he fears the sound because he doesnt understand it, it is very likely he will still fear it at a reduced decibel level.

We have sold quite a few Mutt Muffs to the feline community. Mutt Muffs “fit” cats. Whether or not Kitty will wear them is, however, completely between you and Kitty. As always, if your little darling refuses, you may return them for a refund, provided Kitty has not exacted revenge and destroyed them.

It makes a big difference! Even if you’re not convinced that the noise is harmful to your dog, think of how uncomfortable you know it must be. The most reported change in a dog’s demeanor has been that the dog used to “sleep” during the flight, but with the Muff Muffs he’s up and looking out the window, actually enjoying the flight. He wasn’t “sleeping” before…. He was uncomfortable.

You Betcha!… Yes-noise can be dangerous.. If it is loud enough and lasts long enough, it can damage your dogs hearing. The damage caused by noise, called sensorineural hearing loss or nerve loss, can be caused by several factors other than noise, but noise-induced hearing loss is different in one important way… it can be reduced or prevented altogether.

Because Mutt Muffs are not noise eliminating. They provide passive decibel reduction, which means they reduce dangerous noise levels to acceptable noise levels. Dont believe it? Run to Home Depot and try on a set of ear muffs for use around loud power tools. You will still be able to hear the clerk tell you to stop opening packages, or he will have to call the manager. Granted, not as loudly as without them, but you will still be able to hear and understand.

What Are Dog Muffs? Are They Like Dog Earplugs

Dog muffs are placed over a dog’s ears in order to ‘muffle’ sound. They tend to mirror, in looks only, airplane pilot over-ear communication systems. This is where the concept emerged. But airplane pilots don’t use their ‘muffs’ if you will, to muffle sound – they use them to communicate with the tower and other workers. For dogs, dog muffs need to be secured down with straps, because, let’s face it… A dog isn’t going to willingly keep muffs on their head. Also, when tightened the straps serve to secure the headphone muffs over the dog’s ear – to block noise. Theoretically, this all sounds like it should work.


Do earmuffs for dogs work?

Mutt Muffs provide passive sound reduction. They are not noise canceling. Your dog will still be able to hear, just not as loudly. They will not eliminate sound.

Are there ear muffs that block all sound?

Unfortunately, earplugs or earmuffs that block out all noise don’t exist. They cannot exist because of bone conduction: noise doesn’t only reach our cochlea via the ear, but also through the skull.

Does covering a dog’s ears help with loud noises?

There is no data to support covering a dog’s head or ears to make them calmer,” she says. Covering dogs’ ears may stop them from barking, but it’s likely because they’re stressed—rather than the covering relaxing them.