Do Muzzles Stop Barking

Woof woof! Your dog may bark to alert you to danger or to just say hi. But constant barking can be a problem. Heres how to keep the peace.Medically Reviewed

Dogs bark to communicate with each other and with their owners, but sometimes all that barking can get out of hand. Constant barking can fray a family’s nerves and create turmoil in a neighborhood.

But keep in mind that your dog is trying to tell you something by barking. Before you quiet him down, you will first need to figure out what hes trying to say.

There are a lot of stop-barking devices available on the market. The most commonly known are bark collars that deliver an electric shock, high-pitched squeal, or stinging spray of citronella mist whenever a pet dog barks. Other devices include ultrasonic emitters that are placed in a room and activated by barking and muzzles that keep the dog’s jaws held shut.

These devices may offer a short-term fix, but they do nothing to address the underlying cause of your dog’s barking. Eventually, the problem may surface through other behavioral problems, as your dog continues to try to communicate his need or problem to you. A dog prevented from barking caused by separation anxiety may instead take to destroying furniture or urinating indoors when his owner is away.

The devices also can be inhumane. Any dog’s bark can set off a bark collar or ultrasonic device, meaning your dog may end up receiving punishment for another dog’s behavior. Also, a muzzle will keep a dog from being able to eat, drink, and cool off through panting.

For these reasons, an owner frustrated by his dog’s barking is better off using some simple tricks to head off the behavior or taking the time to train the dog out of the behavior. Try these tips:

Training can be a lengthy process, but in the end you will improve your relationship with your dog and be better able to make sure his needs are met.

While a muzzle allowing a half pant might make barking less comfortable, it will not change the behavior. The answer is straightforward: if you want to use a muzzle to stop barking, you need to shut the dog’s mouth tightly with the muzzle.

How long can you keep a muzzle on a dog?

Follow your veterinarian’s or the muzzle’s manufacturer’s advice for length of time your dog can wear its muzzle. Your dog should wear its muzzle while you are training it not to bite or nip at other animals and people. They can keep them on during a trip to the dog park, as long as they are able to easily drink water. Do not let your dog sleep with its muzzle on, unless it is a danger to your household.

All dog training tools are effective as the trainers make them. In other words, if you muzzle a dog without reason, without training, and without rewards for good behavior, then your muzzle training efforts might not work well. Any dog training device or technique requires consistency, clear commands and rewards, and patience. Dog muzzles can work for protecting people and animals from a dog that likes to bite; however, we do not recommend them for a long0term solution. See our train, treat, repeat method for dog training.

Are muzzles humane? Are dog muzzles inhumane?

Muzzles are considered to be inhumane when they do not allow a dog to eat or easily drink water. Muzzles can be inhumane when they are used as bark control and when they are left on for long periods of time. Muzzles are not intended to be used for punishments.

Safe dog muzzles allow a dog to drink water and breathe easily. They can also be safely used for short periods of time, especially on puppies and dogs that have not been properly socialized (to prevent nipping and biting).

By now you know our stance on dog muzzles: They are OK to be used for short periods of time when socializing a dog or when teaching a puppy or dog to stop biting.

Best Dog Muzzle For Biting: Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Review

The best dog muzzle for biting is this Baskerville rubber basket muzzle. It’s one of those dog muzzles that allow for drinking, eating, and panting while preventing your dog from biting. This is an excellent muzzle to use while socializing your dog safely.

Baskerville’s muzzle is incredibly durable and can be heated and shaped to perfectly fit your dog’s snout. The muzzle has an attachment loop to put your dog’s regular collar through as an extra precaution.

Some buyers have complained that the muzzle runs a little small. So if your dog is between sizes, purchase the size up. Also, customers have shared that this is an excellent dog muzzle for pit bulls.

Pros Cons
Prevents biting Straps are excessively long
Durable material Children could get their fingers between the gaps and get bitten
Padded Not suitable for dogs who eat foreign objects due to the wide gaps
Dogs can eat, drink, and pant
Adjustable and available in many sizes


Is it cruel to muzzle a dog to stop barking?

Muzzles are considered to be inhumane when they do not allow a dog to eat or easily drink water. Muzzles can be inhumane when they are used as bark control and when they are left on for long periods of time. Muzzles are not intended to be used for punishments.

How do I make my dog stop barking?

When your dog is barking, say “Quiet” in a calm, firm voice. Wait until they stop barking, even if it’s just to take a breath, then praise them and give them a treat. Just be careful to never reward them while they are barking.

What kind of muzzle do you use for a barking dog?

If your dog tends to bark while you’re walking him, a no-bark muzzle may help keep him calmer. Your dog will still be able to breathe freely and pant his heart out. The muzzle will keep your dog from biting or eating items he shouldn’t.