Do pink puppy paws turn black? Here’s the Answer

Why Are Some Dogs’ Paws Pink and Black?

Alrighty, here’s what we’re going to do. This section will focus on the possible reasons why your pup’s paws are a combination of pink and black. For ease of navigation, the section is divided into three categories – one for each reason. Here goes…

Why Are My Dog’s Paw Pads Turning Black?

Your dog’s paw pads turning black is a development stage that facilitates easier movement on more rigid surfaces. Pink is the initial color of the paw pads while your dog is still young; they are extremely sensitive and soft.

As the puppy grows older, its paw pads become tougher and develop a black color to walk better on whichever surface. There is no need to worry if you observe the color change, as it is a natural process that goes into improving your dog’s overall comfort and mobility standards.

The process is painful for some dogs, while some go through the whole process without any pain. Sensitivity is the primary reason why the process may become painful; it differs from animal to animal. Walking on hot asphalt or rough tarmac also proves painful for dogs in this development stage, and there is a need to invest in practical approaches that will fasten the process. The following section features an in-depth explanation of some of the primary reasons your dog’s paw pads turn black.

Chronic Irritation From Biting

The change in color on the dog’s paws can also be due to the constant biting and licking of the paws by your dog. The action can be due to many reasons.

It can indicate a dog being bored or being anxious. It also can mean something about its health like having allergies, dry skin, hormonal imbalance, parasites, or if not all these, you should understand that the dog is physically uncomfortable about something and should take them to a vet.

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Dogs’ paw colors vary depending on your dog’s age, breed, and where your pets have been walking. Young puppies may have very pink paw pads, which change with age and become darker. Discolouring can also occur due to grass stains. Most owners don’t regularly check their dogs’ paws, so it can be hard to tell whether changes have occurred.

This article will answer the question, ‘what color should a dog’s paw pad be?’ We’ll tell you what caused color variations and why your pet’s paw pads may have become discolored.