Do small dogs need to be walked every day? Surprising Answer

Activity level of Terriers

Small, lively, strong temper and trainable – this is how one would describe Terrier dogs. This dog group may be small, but these four-legged friends also need a quite large amount of exercise.

Tip: Terriers need at least 1,5 hours of activity every day.

Consider a friendly walking schedule of 3 walks per day, 20-25 min each. Consider adding some mental activity games for this group as well. 20 minutes a day should be challenging enough to keep them fit.

When Is It Safe to Walk a Puppy?

While you want to give your puppy an outlet to let out their energy, certain viruses, such as parvo, are highly contagious and potentially life-threatening for dogs. Most puppies complete their vaccinations by 16 weeks, which is when they should be fine to be exposed to other animals. In the meantime, limit your puppy’s exposure to unfamiliar dogs.

“It’s very important that puppies have had their full series of vaccines especially out in public places,” Dr. Wilson says. “I usually recommend waiting two weeks after their last booster to allow their immune system to fully respond.”

Puppies also aren’t very good at regulating their body temperature, so you need to be mindful of the weather before going outside for a stroll. “If you get a puppy in the summer, make sure you’re not walking them on hot asphalt,” Dr. Wilson says. The same goes for winter weather. Aside from quick potty breaks, try to keep your puppy inside when the temperature drops and make sure they have cozy things to keep them warm.

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As a general rule, it’s recommended to walk your dog 3 – 4 times per day for at least 15 minutes. But this can vary according to your dog’s:

While for smaller dogs a walk a day might be enough, high-energy dog breeds will require more than one walk per day. Is your dog one of those breeds? Are you a sporty person who wants to spend more time with your dog exercising? Maybe you’re not sure how much exercise your dog really needs. In that case, it’s good to visit to your vet. They will be happy to provide you with helpful tips and walking advice for your dog’s specific circumstances.

So, how often do you walk your dog?

How Often Should You WALK YOUR DOG – Daily Exercise Tips