Do Staffordshire Bull Terriers Have Lockjaw

“Lock Jaw” itself is a myth. Staffies don’t have a lock jaw – nor does any other animal – as it would be hazardous for an animal to be unable to release its grip if its prey was doing serious injury in turn to the animal.

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The infamous “locking jaw” myth has been assigned to a variety of dog breeds, including the American Staffordshire Terrier, Bulldog and Boxer, but its exactly that — a myth.

No type of dog has been found to have a mechanism that enables them to “lock” their top and bottom jaws together.

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How Strong Is A Staffy Jaw?

Do Staffordshire Bull Terriers Have Lockjaw

The bite force of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier has been calculated at around 328 PSI. This is based on cranial size, structure, and shape. The bite pressure of the Staffy will vary depending on variables such as gender, weight, and genetics.

For a 30-40lbs dog standing between 12-16 inches tall, the bite force of the Staffy is impressive. They have very strong jaws and a strong bite to match. To put this in perspective the average human bite strength is roughly 162 PSI versus the estimated 328 PSI of the Staffy.

As impressive as that may seem, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is far from the strongest bite in the dog world. There are several other dogs that rate a far stronger bite force than the Staffy. Below is a list of the top 20 breeds by bite strength.

Staffies Rank High In Temperament Tests

Do Staffordshire Bull Terriers Have Lockjaw

Although the Staffy has a strong bite, they are one of the most reliable and stable dogs breeds. According to the ATTS temperament testing standards Staffies rate at a 90.8%. The ATTS test for factors such as Unprovoked aggression, panic without recovery, strong avoidance.

To put this into perspective Staffies are less likely to display aggression, fear based reactions, panic, and wariness towards strangers than Vizlas, Yorkies, Shih Tzu, Old English Sheepdogs, Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and Italian Greyhounds. Just name a few. Staffies’ likelihood to bite are very low.


Does bull terrier have lock jaw?

They don’t. It is a myth. They have strong jaws, but that’s a matter of leverage and not “locking.” No dog can “lock” its jaw.

How strong is a Staffies jaw?

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a bite force of 328 PSI, but the dog does not show aggression to most people. Especially to its owners, you can expect a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to be loving and affectionate.

Do Staffordshire Bull Terriers bite?

A Staffordshire terrier bite is extremely powerful. The breeds under the pit bull umbrella can chew through heavy-duty materials, such as tires and fencing. Unfortunately, this bite strength makes the Staffordshire terrier breed especially dangerous when attacking a human or another animal.