Do Tamed Dogs Despawn

They do not despawn.


Naturally-spawned wolves are untamed and become hostile if attacked by the player.


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS4)
PS4 Other
Leader of the Pack Befriend five Wolves. This does not have to be in a single game, so multiple games or reloading old saves does count toward this achievement. 20G Bronze


  • If a tamed wolf is named with a name tag, its name is shown in the chat when killed.
  • Wolves can teleport into transparent blocks.
  • In singleplayer, if the player punches a wild wolf and leaves its field of vision, it stares at the player and does not move at all. Going back into its range causes it to continue pursuing the player.
  • A hostile wolf can path-find like most mobs, but may sometimes try to jump across a 1–2 block gap to get to a player. A wolf cannot scale a two-block gap, so it falls, but may still manage to damage the player.
  • Untamed wolves use their hostile appearance when they are attacking sheep, skeletons, foxes, baby turtles or rabbits. They change back once the targeted mob dies or gets out of their range.
  • Attacking a wild wolf in Peaceful Mode aggravates the wolf and its group, but they do no damage.
  • A wild pups head grows significantly when attacked.
  • If the player attacks a wolf, but then moves a large distance away (e.g. 70 blocks), the wolf still appears hostile, but exhibits neutral behavior.‌[Java Edition only]
  • Wolves chase bats despite being unable to reach them.[10]
  • In Bedrock Edition, a glitched adult “red wolf” can be spawned using the command /summon wolf ~ ~ ~ minecraft:on_tame, and a “red pup” can be spawned with /summon wolf ~ ~ ~ minecraft:entity_born. The wolf cannot be tamed, bred or fed, though its model color can be altered by using various dyes. A tamed version of this “red wolf” can be obtained by taming it as soon as it becomes hostile toward a mob such as a skeleton.
  • A tamed wolf tilts its head toward the player when the player is holding bones, despite it no longer being able to accept bones.
  • If a player uses the /effect command to give a tamed wolf with max health health boost 255, absorption 255 and Regeneration 255, the tamed wolf’s tail may begin spinning all the way around constantly, or it just points directly up.
  • FAQ

    Do tamed animals in Minecraft Despawn?

    Trusting animals stop fleeing from players, and they do not despawn. A tamed fox with an egg inside its mouth. An axolotl’s trust can be gained by tempting them with a bucket of tropical fish, while catching them in a bucket prevents them from despawning.

    Can a tamed wolf Despawn?

    We learned the hard way that leaving them after trapping them with meat results in them despawning, unlike with our other wolves when we were taming them. He read a post from a few months back that tamed 1-2 star wolves can still despawn during the day if the player gets too far away from them.

    How do you keep wolves from Despawning in Minecraft?

    You can build an enclosure such as a barn, house, or fenced area to trap 2 of the animal you want to farm and start breeding. They will not despawn as long as they are kept from moving over 20 blocks in any direction…

    What is the rarest wolf in Minecraft?

    You have a 1% chance of finding it. And it can be found with a pack. It takes 20 bones exactly to tame and acts just like a normal wolf.