Does anything dissolve dog poop? Simple and Effective Tips

Will vinegar dissolve dog poop?

It’s strange how many folks ask this question and I guess it relates to the fact that vinegar is harmless and very inexpensive. maybe it was on the news?

Vinegar is an acid with a high percentage of water (approx 95%) and contains no oxidizing compounds like bleach or peroxide, so it will make the stool more moisture-laden and will not break it down. Vinegar will make the dog poop last longer due to the increased moisture levels. It’s not great for the compost either and being liquid it won’t help sort out the problem.

The 4 Things That Dissolve Dog Poop in Yards:

Does anything dissolve dog poop?

Gardening lime is the number-one option for dissolving dog poop because it works the fastest and most effectively. Gardening lime is a white powder sold at garden supply stores. Just sprinkle it over the poop, and within a few days, the poop will disintegrate. Lime absorbs the moisture from it, causing it to break down into the soil faster.

The issue with gardening lime is that it can be dangerous. When using this method, wear gloves and eye protection. Lime is caustic and cannot come into contact with your bare skin, or it can cause burns. When lime is applied to the poop in your yard, no children or animals should be allowed on the lawn for the first few days. After this time, the remaining lime and poop can be hosed off and washed into the soil.Pros

  • Effective
  • Works quickly
  • Easy to acquire
  • Cons

  • Caustic and may cause burns
  • Large quantities may damage the lawn
  • How do I get rid of dog poop in my yard?

    I suggest using a long handled garden shovel with small blade to scoop the poop rather than a rake. I prefer a shovel with small blade because it’s less heavy. If you really want to use a rake buy a metal one rather than a plastic one.

    What dissolves dog poop in the yard?

    Having a furry canine companion is one of the best things on earth. Well, except for the mess they may leave in your yard. Whether it be vinegar or gardening lime, lets look at these three ways to dissolve dog poop on your lawn.

    You might love Fido, but there’s something Fido loves more than you. Fido loves pooping all over your yard, and sometimes, he’s so active in that department that you just can’t pick up all the poop in your yard. It’s a nightmare, but there might be a shortcut when it comes to getting rid of dog poop in your yard. You might be able to dissolve it.

    Gardener’s lime, diluted bleach, a 50/50 mixture of vinegar, and enzyme-based dog poop dissolves can all be used to dissolve dog poop off a lawn. Washing away poop with water will not work, as the bacteria and pathogens will still remain. Though dissolving dog poop will get rid of it, the best method of dog poop removal remains to scoop it up and dispose of it.

    Though most owners find that it’s easier on the lawn to just pick up the poop, there are still ways that you might be able to get some dissolving going on. This guide will help you understand how to make the most of your dissolving power and hopefully enjoy the rest of your day…away from having to think about poop.