Does apple cider vinegar help ear infections in dogs? The Ultimate Guide

How to use apple cider vinegar for dog ear infections

This is one area where you’ll definitely want to skip ACV and opt for actual medical treatment, Dr. Whittenberg says.

According to Dr. Whittenberg, apple cider vinegar should never be used to treat an ear infection; rather you should always take them to the vet if you suspect they’re dealing with one. This is because ear infections are caused by bacteria or yeast, deep down in the ear canal, and dogs will often hide their pain and discomfort until the infection is severe. In fact, you should not put anything into the ear canal without the supervision and advice of your veterinarian, she says.

“Unlike human ear infections, dog ear infections occur in the external canal and it is somewhat common for the infection to cause a tear or hole in the dog’s ear drum, and an owner cannot visualize the ear drum, deep within the ear,” she explains. “If it is compromised, anything placed into the canal can enter the middle ear and may cause permanent deafness, among other complications.”

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Your Dog

Does apple cider vinegar help ear infections in dogs?

When using apple cider vinegar, use the organic version with the “mother” for the most health benefits. The mother refers to the yeast and bacteria formed during fermentation. This type of apple cider vinegar is raw, unpasteurized, and unheated, containing the enzymes and live factors that make it beneficial for dog’s health. The label will indicate if the “mother” is present in that product.

Apple cider vinegar comes in different forms, ranging from the standard liquid version to homemade topical sprays, wipes, and pill form. However, when using apple cider vinegar for dogs, the best forms are to use the liquid version or homemade sprays. Many of the human wipes and capsules may contain other ingredients that can be toxic to dogs, like xylitol. Also, the “mother” version has more beneficial properties than some of the capsules that do not contain the live enzymes.

Many people are interested in using apple cider vinegar as a home remedy for dog ear infection.

The reason is because floppy, hanging ears create a damp, moist environment perfect for bacterial growth.

Sometimes, bacteria, viruses, and fungi invade and reproduce inside a dog’s ear canal, causing an infection.

But, did you know that vinegar can also be a “miracle cleaner” for dog ear infections?

However, vinegar is quite strong and you must dilute it properly to use on your dogs ears.

Dog Ear Infection Treated With Natural Remedies