Does Barnes And Noble Allow Dogs

Barnes and Noble is has been around for years! Many cities are also becoming more and more dog-friendly.

Which got me wondering, does Barnes and Noble allow dogs?! We looked into it and this is what we found…

Bring Your Dog Along and Hang Out

Pet parents that enjoy hanging out at Barnes and Noble can bring their dog along as they shop and relax in the store. However, there are a few rules such as always keep your dog on a leash or in a pet carrier and don’t bring them to the coffee shop area inside the store.

Bass Pro Shops

This American retailer welcomes dogs. It believes that these pets are a great addition to a family, thereby, making them a great companion in the outdoors. However, just because it allows pets, you can’t bring yours in the shop’s restaurant for sanitation purposes.

When you do shop with your dog at Bass Pro Shops, make sure to bring poop bags. It prevents you from paying a fine because you did not pick up your pet’s waste. Since shopping for hunting gear can take a lot of time, don’t forget to bring a water bottle for your pet. It can get thirsty. You can’t expect Bass Pro Shops to have communal bowls. Thus, be ready to bring your own.

Home Depot

This hardware store welcomes your pet. The official Home Depot Twitter Account even posted a picture of a Yorkshire Terrier in one of their famous orange buckets. However, it only allows leashed dogs. If they’re unleashed, then you can’t take them inside.

The store has plenty of space that allows your pet to walk around while you do your shopping. Unfortunately, not all Home Depot branches have a dog-friendly policy.

Some customers reported being turned away because of their pets. Other branches, however, still welcome pooches. And, when they make a mess, you must clean it up. The management might also ask you to leave if your pet is loud and aggressive.

Never take your dog with you while shopping at Home Depot if it’s not trained yet. The reason for this is that your dog might cause chaos in the store.

What Does Barnes & Noble’s Instore Animal Policy Mean?

Instore animal policies nearly always divide animals into those that are pets and those that are “in service”. An animal in service is one that has been specially trained to perform tasks to assist people living with disabilities. A non-service animal is a companion animal and/or a pet.

Barnes & Noble’s policy to allow service dogs instore is in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

People who live with disabilities can have service dogs. The person may have one or multiple disabilities, and the disabilities may not be visible. For example, PTSD dogs are a type of service dog that specializes in handling a person who has suffered significant trauma.

Barnes & Noble’s instore animal policy is an acknowledgement that service dogs are both necessary and valuable. The policy also recognizes that people with a service dog would not be able to enter the store or access store goods and services without it.

A “non-service” dog is any dog not trained to work for or assist a person with a disability, in other words, pets or companion dogs.

The Barnes & Noble policy states that permission to bring non-service dogs into a store depends on the local health codes for that town, county, or state.

In other words, you need to contact the store first. Unlike the person with a service dog, you can’t just turn up with your pet and assume you can take it into the store with you.


Can dogs enter Hobby Lobby?

For example, is Target dog-friendly? Their mascot may be the beautiful bull terrier Bullseye, but they’re a staunch “service dog-only” environment (along with Costco, Walmart, IKEA, and others).