Does dog know when you cry? Get Your Pet Thinking

Can dogs understand how we communicate?

It’s pretty clear to any dog lover out there that dogs can understand some human forms of communication. Just think about all the tricks we can teach them just by using our language! In one study, it was proven that dogs can understand other forms of human communication, too.

The researchers in this particular study compared the comprehension skills of chimpanzees compared to dogs. To test this, a human would point at an object that was just out of their reach but within reach of the dog or the chimp.

The dogs would often fetch the object and return it to the human, but the chimps had no idea what to do. This study shows that dogs have an excellent handle on how humans communicate with their bodies, whereas chimps don’t even fully understand all the forms of human communication.

What Doggos Do When You’re Sad

Dogs do emotional mirroring when they sense unhappiness; bowed heads with a tucked tail are examples. As much as possible, they want to act as if they’re also sad. Some dogs may lick your face to wipe off tears (this is something tissues can’t do!) You may also hear them whine or whimper.

If you liked the way your dog gives you emotional support, let him know by offering positive reinforcement such as giving him treats and scratching his belly. This way, he’ll do it again when you need it.

You’re Sad And You Need Someone To Comfort You.

Your dog slowly approached you. Tried to put his paw or head on your lap. He looked at you with his puppy cute eyes as if trying to comfort you.

Right at that moment, you wondered, “Can dogs tell when you are sad?”

This is an interesting question that many pet owners have asked. After all, the answer to this question could unlock a deeper relationship with your four-legged friend.

So, stick around, and let’s discover whether your dog can tell when you’re sad or not.

How Do Dogs Know When You’re Sad? | How Do Animals Do That?