Does Dq Have Pup Cups

Riding through the drive-thru with you can be frustrating for your furry friend. They have to watch you order and snack on savory fast food while they get nothing for themselves. That’s why many dog parents order their pooches a puppuccino when picking up Starbucks. But the famous coffee chain isn’t the only business with a special dog menu item.

Dairy Queen has its very own secret menu item for dogs: a Pup Cup! If you’ve never ordered it before, your four-legged family member is missing out. Here’s everything you need to know about the Dairy Queen Pup Cup.

A rival of frozen custard, but known for its famous Blizzard, Dairy Queen also offers Pup Cups. Similar to the others in this list, it includes a dog treat smack dab in the middle of vanilla ice cream.

What are the ingredients in a Pup Cup treat?

Dog biscuits are pretty much the same, and they’re not the issue here.

What matters is the ice cream.

One serving (half a cup) of vanilla soft-serve ice cream packs 125 calories.

This is the first thing you should worry about.

Can your dog eat that many calories in one small treat that he’s going to polish off in a matter of seconds?

If he’s already chubby and prone to obesity, a Pup Cup is definitely what he needs.

On the other hand, for a young fit dog such a yummy treat once in a while won’t hurt.

The key word here is one in a while.

If you’re the kind of guy that goes out a few times a week and eats at the local Dairy Queen, no way you should take your dog with you every time.

Once a month is fine, but three times a week is very bad for your dog’s health.

A bit of milk or cream are not a problem, unless your dog is lactose intolerant.

Many dogs are, in fact, so if this is the case for your pet, better forget about the Pup Cup.

How do you know if your dog has a lactose intolerance? You can easily tell if they develop the following symptoms after you feed them a little milk:

If your dog doesn’t have a problem with milk, a Pup Cup won’t be a problem.

One serving of soft-serve vanilla ice cream contains 17 g of sugar, and that’s a lot of carbs for a dog that already has a weight problem.

Sugar is bad for your health, but you still eat it.

They do need carbs to transform into energy, but it shouldn’t come from sugar.

Does it mean a Dairy Queen Pup Cup should be off limits?

Technically, yes, you shouldn’t allow your dog to make the same mistakes you do. Realistically speaking, few pet parents would find the strength to resist the temptation to make their dog happy with such a lovely treat. Don’t worry, we get that!

Once again, if it’s the exception rather than the rule, your dog will be fine. A sugary treat once in a while won’t kill a dog.

Regular unhealthy treats will, by making him obese or causing diabetes.

You should always keep an eye on the fat content in your dog’s food.

There is 3.4 g of fat in a soft-serve serving.

A 30-pound healthy dog should get around 14 g of fat per day.

The occasional Pup Cup won’t cause any health issues, but a dog with a high-fat diet is at risk of developing digestive problems, pancreatitis, not to mention the damage to the arteries.

The good news is that ice cream contains a lot of calcium.

A regular serving has 113 grams of calcium, so that’s good for your dog’s bones and teeth.

And a moderate amount of protein, 3.40 g.

Can a dog eat ice cream?

By this point, you can probably guess the answer is no.

It’s not a definite no-no, as in this stuff is toxic to your dog, but it’s best to avoid giving ice cream to your dog.

If you must, at least make sure it’s vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate ice cream is dangerous to dogs, as it contains theobromine and caffeine, which are both toxic to your canine companion.

How Much Is a Pup Cup at Dairy Queen?

Years ago, pup cups were free at Dairy Queen, but today they cost a bit more than a dollar – not a bad price to pay to make your pup happy!

Some Dairy Queen outlets across the country partner with animal shelters on occasion to raise funds. For example, the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Queen, which operates 13 locations in North Carolina, donated all of its proceeds from the sales of pup cups in September 2020 to five area animal shelters.


How much are pup Cups at Dairy Queen?

Pup Cups are small cups of ice cream that customers can give to their dogs. Each costs $1.39.

Does Dairy Queen give dogs free ice cream?

Dairy Queen

Ask your cashier for a Pup Cup the next time you’re at Dairy Queen with your dog and you’ll receive a free small-serving of vanilla soft serve ice cream.

Does Dairy Queen have Duke pup cups?

Dairy Queen: The DQ has a pup cup on its secret menu, too. It’s a small cup of vanilla soft serve that may come with a dog biscuit, depending on the location. Dunkin’ Donuts: Like the Puppuccino, Dunkin’ Donuts’ pup cup is a simple cup of whipped cream that is free for pups at most locations.