Does Franky Die In Wentworth Season 6

Throughout the beginning of Season 6, Franky is on the lam, trying to gather evidence that Iman was guilty of the murder in order to save herself. However, she is eventually shot by police in her right shoulder. But Franky doesn’t die!

Will Franky be in Season 9 of Wentworth?

In addition, fans will be thrilled to see Pamela Rabe play Joan Ferguson in the upcoming season. There will be several pivotal roles played by Nicole da Silva (plays Franky), Kate Atkinson (plays Vera), Robbie Magasiva (plays Will Jackson), Katrina Milosevic (plays Boomer), and Bernard Curry (plays Jake).

Does Franky get parole in season 3?

Franky was released from prison on parole in the season 3 finale and worked as a paralegal until being set up for Mike Pennisi’s murder in Season 5 and returned to Wentworth.

Is Franky in season 8 of Wentworth?

Orange Is the New Black’s Australian cousin, the series Wentworth, has surprised devoted viewers with yet another season renewal after the series was meant to finish after the current Season 8. … Season 8, for example, had us missing Francesca “Franky” Doyle (played by Nicole da Silva).


Will Franky be in season 7 of Wentworth?

Season 7. In episode 9, Franky comes back to the prison for a visit, she meets up with Liz and is saddened when she doesn’t remember her, but Franky tells Liz life has been busy as a legal aid.

Will Franky be in Season 9 of Wentworth?

The majority of the cast members will be featured in Wentworth season 9 episode 6. Nicole da Silva plays Franky Doyle, Kris McQuade plays Jacs Holt, Libby Tanner plays Bridget Westfall, Leeanna Walsman plays Erica Davidson, Celia Ireland plays Elizabeth Birdsworth, and Shareen Clanton plays Doreen Anderson.

Does Franky get a happy ending in Wentworth?

Desperate to prove her innocence, Franky took her fate into her own hands. She hatched a plan to escape Wentworth in a gardening box, pulling it off in the final moments of Season 5.