Does garlic keep fleas off of dogs? The Ultimate Guide

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6 Benefits Of Garlic For Dogs

Here are some ways garlic helps keep your dog healthy:

  • Prevents the formation of blood clots (anti-platelet)
  • Decreases cholesterol build-up (anti-cholesterolemic)
  • Widens blood vessels (vasodilator)
  • Helps prevent the formation of tumors (anti-tumor)
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to remove wastes
  • Antibiotic, antifungal and antiparasitic
  • Garlic has other uses in addition to these health benefits:

    Garlic As A Flea And Tick RepellentGarlic may help you in the war on fleas and ticks if you feed it to your dogs during flea and tick season. It takes a couple of weeks for garlic to build up in your dog’s natural coat oil, so start feeding it before the bug season starts.

    I don’t bathe my dogs too much during flea and tick season. One good soapy wash and you’ll have to start the build-up process again. To avoid this, use a Castile soap for bathing, or use cornstarch or Fuller’s Earth as a dry shampoo (but use these sparingly … you don’t want to dry out your dog’s coat too much).

    When using garlic as a flea and tick repellent, feed each day for two weeks, then twice a week for maintenance.

    Helps Fight CancerGarlic for dogs has shown promise with cancers of the colon, lung, stomach, and rectum. The compounds in garlic increase immunity and enhance natural killer cells. Natural killer cells destroy pathogenic bacteria and cancer cells.

    While there are few clinical trials studying the anti-cancer effects of garlic, the National Cancer Institute reports that several population studies show an association between increased garlic intake and reduced risk of several types of cancer.


    Some homemakers in the late 1800s demonstrated the value of lemon in keeping a fresh-smelling house by reaching for a lemon and squeezing the juice for use in cleaning their sinks, according the The Household Guide or Domestic Cyclopedia (1892) by Benjamin Jefferis, M.D., and James Nichols. Turns out that lemons have a repellent effect on fleas and other pests, too. lemon contains d-limonene, a natural flea-killing substance. Holistic-minded animal herbalists have relied on lemon skin tonic to keep fleas from feasting on their Fidos.

    To make some, thinly slice a whole lemon, including the peel. Add it to 1 pint of near-boiling water and let it steep overnight. The next day, sponge the cooled liquid onto your dog’s skin and let dry. Use this homemade tonic daily for a few days to combat fleas. Say goodbye to your pooch’s scratching!

    Another option for fighting fleas is to wash your dog with a pet shampoos that contain d-limonene, a natural extract from citrus fruits that will kill fleas with minimal side effects on dogs. Just be sure not to use this ingredient on cats, because it can be toxic to them.

    Does garlic keep fleas off of dogs?


    Can dogs eat garlic? Well, if you look at any dog-centered poisonous plant list garlic is there, so many people think they can’t. But don’t fret when it comes to garlic for dogs! You have nothing to fear and everything to gain.