Does Indian army wear dog tags? Get Your Pet Thinking

What is the use of Dog Tags?

Dog Tags are used to identify the dead or wounded during war using the information recorded on these tags. During war, if the battle conditions do not allow immediate removal of dead soldiers, one tag is collected and the other is left on the body of the soldier for retrieval of the body later. Outside the military, they are used by bikers and adventure enthusiasts with their address and emergency contact numbers. Old people with special medical conditions have found the tags to be useful when travelling alone. These tags have also made their way into youth fashion and musicians.

Military dog tags are personalized using embossing or debossing machines. These machines are similar to the machines that are used to emboss credit and debit cards. Small scale personalization can be made using manual machines which has a rotating drum and a handle for punching. The drum is rotated to choose the right alpha numeric character and then the handle is pulled down to make the impression of the character on the tag. Automatic machines are specialized machines which are more expensive and are used to personalize tags in large quantities at the rate of one tag in 30 seconds. Embossed or debossed tags are made up of thin metal sheets which are 0.04 mm thick. Thicker metal plates cannot be embossed and have to be engraved. The term Embossing refers to raised letters that are formed on the tag when a character die is punched on it. Debossed is the opposite of embossed. Instead of raised letters it results in sunken letters. Debossing was used during WW II but, most modern tags are embossed.

Why do military personnel wear two dog tags?

Two tags with identical information is worn so that in case the soldier dies in battle and the battle conditions prevent the extrication of the body then, one of the tags is collected to account the dead and the other tag is left on the body for identification and retrieval when conditions improve.

General dress code

1. Soldiers serving in mandatory service are permitted to wear underneath their uniform a tank top or t-shirt – long or short, only in the colors olive green and white. During an operational activity, you can also wear a black tank top or t-shirt.

2. If the sleeves of the uniform are folded – They should be folded above the elbow.

3. In the winter you can only wear a military jacket or sweater which is provided by the army. You can also wear a scarf and gloves in black or olive green. It is important that the fringes of the scarf are tucked underneath the military coat. And of course, the winter clothes must match the soldiers uniform as prescribed by his/her individual services, meaning that soldiers with green uniforms are not allowed to be with a blue coat, and vice versa.

4. Do not place a pin on the beret, except for your Corps pin.

5. You must wear the dog tag (“diskit”) on the neck and underneath your uniform shirt. Soldiers wearing military boots must have another “diskit” inside the shoes, in the designated pocket.

क्या है ‘डॉग टैग’ एवं अमेरिकी सैनिक क्यों रखते हैं इसे पास || History Of || Dog Tags ||

Army Dogs have been an integral part of the Armed Forces since time immemorial but their silent service to the nation always go unnoticed. There is more to a military dog than to just detect explosives and alert about enemy insurgency.

The relation between a soldier and the dog is as old as the battlefield itself. Romans were the first to use trained dogs in close combats and the inherent desire of the dog to please its master makes the task of training the animal easier.

Let us all take a moment and acknowledge the contributions of this animal’s speechless service to the nation. Bow-wow!