Does Kaz Die In Wentworth

At the end of the fourth episode of Wentworth’s seventh season’s, our resident Top Dog, Kaz Proctor (Tammy MacIntosh) – immediately after telling Dr Miller (David de Lautour) that she’d found a “new way forward” and felt respected and loved – was horrifically murdered, her throat slashed by an unknown assailant as she …

Time at Wentworth[]

Kaz thought Bea shopped her and her ally Allie to the police, only to later discover that it was actually the inmate she had seen as a friend (Ferguson).

Recently, Kaz has taken over the job as Top Dog when Bea walked away from the position in the episode 4×11. Kaz does not want anyone to act violently as one of her rules as top dog. She loses the position for good when Ferguson is voted in as top dog. She becomes top dog again during the Kangaroo court.

During the first part of season 5, Kaz thinks that Will Jackson is the screw involved with drug trafficking in the prison (while actually, it is Jake Stewart) and does everything in order to discredit him and have him thrown out of Wentworth. Things will change drastically after Proctor has her life saved by Jackson in a van road accident; after that, she will start to trust him and together they will collaborate in order to find out the truth and solve the issue.

Despite her usual no violence stance, Kaz has been shown to be violent on occasion. She attempted to kill Ferguson by pushing her into a deep fryer after discovering it was her that shopped Kaz and Allie, not Bea. While not successful, Fergusons arm went into the fryer, which caused permanent damage. She again attempted to kill Joan in the Season 5 finale, but Joan had already escaped the prison and later was buried alive.

In season 6, Kaz tries to look after the women as best she can but tries to protect Liz the most after she is diagnosed with early-onset dementia and also has to deal with Sonia being around as a result. Kaz protects Liz from being harmed on the prison roof, and takes out Sonia as a result by pushing her off the roof, Kaz is sent to the slot and is released an episode later, but the war between Marie and Kaz escalates, to the point Kaz poisons Maries gear and the two take it out in a shiv fight in Indelible Ink, but again Kaz gets slotted.

Before Wentworth[]

Kaz is introduced as one of Bea’s supporters and is in a vigilante group called The Red Right Hand. Kazs main storylines have centred on her idolism of Bea Smith and being a vigilante against men who abuse women.

However, since showing an appearance in Series 3 Episode 12, Blood and Fire, she has a growing hatred towards Bea Smith since being used by her to get information on Nils Jesper.

Why did Brody kill Kaz?

Kaz is found by Vera Bennett who alerts Will Jackson. Kaz’s body is then taken away by the police. Kaz’s murderer is revealed to be Sean Brody, who says that he killed her to keep Michael’s details about his private life safe.


Who kills Kaz on Wentworth?

In episode 4 of season 7, Kaz is murdered by corrupt prison officer Sean Brody.

Why was Kaz killed off in Wentworth?

Kaz’s murderer is revealed to be Sean Brody, who says that he killed her to keep Michael’s details about his private life safe.

What did Kaz write in her blood?

The finger has been pointed at Wentworth’s new Top Dog since day one, suspicions raised further by the fact that Kaz (Tammy MacIntosh) wrote the initial “M” in blood as she lay dying.

Do they find out Marie killed Kaz?

When the siege takes hold things go wrong from the start, Marie wants to get out. Things go from bad to worse when she calls her protector and he comes to the prison, and when it is found out, Sean reveals he killed Kaz, and she tells him to stop shooting after Sean shoots May in the head killing her.