Does meat tenderizer work to stop dogs from eating poop? Let’s Explore

Can I Feed My Dog Meat Tenderizer? Is It Safe For Dogs?

Does meat tenderizer work to stop dogs from eating poop?

Like many dog products, meat tenderizers come in many varieties. Some are derived from natural sources including fruits (figs, pineapple, pawpaw, and kiwi), ginger, beer, wine, black tea, vinegar, baking soda, cola, and coffee.

When used in small amounts, these products are totally safe for your dog.

Commercial meat tenderizers are also safe for your pup as long as they are not seasoned or formulated with many flavorings.

Seasoned tenderizers may have ingredients that may be harmful to your dog. For example, some of the products contain onions and garlic which are a no-no in the canine world.

Safe meat tenderizers include things like sodium (in small concentrations), bromelain, papain (this works like the bromelain to break down proteins), and MSG (safe preservative).

Anything with salt, color, flavorings, and other chemical additives is unsafe for your dog.

What About Accent Meat Tenderizer on Dog Food: Is It Safe?

Accent meat tenderizer is another popular flavoring spice out there.

Its main ingredient is MSG, which is claimed to be natural. There’s no other harmful ingredient used in the recipe.

The reason it has a bad rap is because the media dragged the brand back in the day claiming MSG is toxic.

However, since the FDA cleared the air of the consumption of MSG, Accent tenderizer is safe to use.

What is a Meat Tenderizer? Meat tenderizer is a naturally extracted enzyme powder that typically contains enzymes from papain and bromelain. You are supposed to sprinkle meat tenderizer over your dog’s food so that it can break down the meat fibers inside.

This product comes in various tastes, and you can find meat tenderizers with and without seasonings. The seasoned varieties might taste better, but they can contain potentially harmful substances for your dog. That’s why we suggest choosing unseasoned meat tenderizers.

Stop Your Dog from Eating Poop (Coprophagia) : New Remedies

If a dog exhibits coprophagia (eating feces), you will want to find any and every way to stop it. You might get a recommendation from your vet to add meat tenderizer into your puppy’s food. It’s a product that contains enzymes that are supposed to help your dog with symptoms.

Many dog owners may wonder before giving meat tenderizers to their furry friends if the product is completely safe and healthy. You should carefully check all the ingredients of the meat tenderizer you are buying to ensure it won’t harm your pup.

Check out the rest of our article to find out how meat tenderizers can affect your dog and if there are any possible health consequences.