Does my dog know I rescued her? The Ultimate Guide

Signs of a Happy Rescue Dog

This is often the first difference you are going to notice.

The rescue doing is going to be in love with you and everything associated with your presence. This is going to be seen through the relief that will pour over them as soon as they are walking freely.

This tends to be seen with a wagging tail.

Sometimes, a dog will have their tail curled underneath out of anxiety and fear. When your dog starts opening up, you will realize they understand you are a positive part of their life. This often means they know you are their rescuer.

It is a powerful relationship to have and it is one that is quite possible with a rescue dog in your life.

Staying Close to You

When asking “Does my dog know I rescued him?” you are going to want to look for specific signs.

A common one that is noted by experts comes in the form of a rescue dog’s proximity to you during the day. Is the rescue dog always near you and happy?

This means the rescue dog knows you are a wonderful part of its life and make everything about their day better. In essence, they will never want to lose this feeling and that is why they want to be near you.Rescue dogs will often latch onto their dog owner because this is a place of comfort and they don’t want to lose you.

It shows you have gained their trust and that is a potent way to know you are a rescuer in the dog’s eyes.

For a lot of dog owners, this is a sign that shows their rescue dog is happy with them.

They prove that oddball is better

Sure, about 25 percent of shelter and rescue dogs are purebred — but the rest are a delightful mixture of different breeds and their breed-specific characteristics. The result? “Adorkable” oddballs that can capture your heart in an instant.


When you adopt a dog you are welcoming it into a loving home. You gotta wonder though – will your rescue bond with you? Do dogs miss their previous owners?

Dogs can develop deep connections with their owners over a relatively short period. It doesn’t take long for most of these animals to feel at home somewhere. If you have recently adopted a dog or are planning to soon, you must learn about this.

There are several things about these pets that are interesting and can help you become a good owner. Adopting a dog that currently lives with someone else is not something you should take lightly.Do dogs miss their previous owners?