Does my dog know my mom is my mom? The Ultimate Guide

Does My Dog Know I’m a Human?

Your dog doesn’t know the term “human”, but they do understand that you are different from them and any other animal for that matter.

They recognize your advanced ability to communicate and command.

Your dog recognizes your ability to maneuver, travel, and control as heightened in comparison to other animals.

In short, yes. Your dog knows that you are a human.

This plays right into the long winded answer of whether or not your dog may think you’re his mom or not. Dog’s are highly cognitive and conscious creatures with the fortitude and insight to realize that you’re a human and they are not. This comes from hundreds of years of evolutionary behavior traits and pack mentality.

Think of it like this: some dogs hate other dogs but love humans. Some dogs are weird around humans but love to frolic with a random dog in the park.

It’s a scent and comfort thing. They know the difference and it all comes down to situational preference.

The Secure Base Effect

Various studies conducted by Animal Behaviorists suggest that dogs believe that you take up a parental role in some situations. For example, think about how your dog behaves when you take them to an unfamiliar place. The chances are they might act shy or scared as they don’t know this particular place.

But the second your dog sees you, they leave a sigh of relief and tend to behave much more normally than before. These kinds of quick changes can be seen when you take them to a Vet’s office or a new park.

What does your dog do when they encounter something scary like a big fierce dog? Your dog will most probably cower behind your legs and ask for your help to control the situation.

This type of behavior is called the Secure Base Effect, and it can be seen in small kids. Kids tend to bond with their parents or caregivers and use them as a Secure Base when children feel uncomfortable. You might have seen kids acting crazy, and the moment things go wrong, they’ll be searching for their parents.

You should be happy that your dog uses you as a Secure Base, which shows that they trust you, and the relationship between you and your dog goes much deeper.

Dogs React to Dog Mom’s Emotions

Research shows that dogs become anxious when their owner feels anxious, scared when they are afraid, or happy when they are happy. Just like how children often respond to how their parent’s feelings, dogs do too.

This is the perfect place to bring up the point Dog Ownership Guide lives by (albeit reversed) – Happy Owners ~ Happy Dogs.

I Identify As A Dog But According To My Mom ✨I Just A Baby✨

I dont have a dog and I dont plan to get one any time soon, if ever. I take care of too many dependent, puppy-like creatures — my two children — to think about throwing another into the mix. But I love dogs. When I see one I turn into a squealing toddler. When I see two or more I basically black out due to happiness. I envy all you dog moms and moms who have dogs, so today Im living vicariously through you to talk about signs your dog thinks youre a great mom.

My friend, K, got a puppy last year. That puppy — whom I shall call “Pamplemousse” because thats what I would name a dog if I had one and Im all about my vicarious dog love — is now a grown-up lady dog. Of course K will often remind me shes “in her teenage years,” because K has to deal with all the Pamplemousses sauciness and I just get to go over and be the cool dog-aunt, but as the cool dog-aunt who doesnt have to discipline, feed, or clean up after said dog, Ive watched their relationship develop over the past year. While it has affirmed my commitment to a dog-free home (its so much work) it has also made me long for a dog in a way that didnt exist before. Because seeing a mom become a dog mom (or a dog mom becoming a regular-type mom) makes it clear just how much dogs really and truly connect with us in a way that cant be compared to any other relationship (except for that of parent and child.)

Dogs recognize our maternity, too, Im convinced, both as their surrogate parent and in our true role as parents to small humans. These are just some of the ways they let you know they appreciate you on every possible “mom” level:

Like their human companions, dogs are naturally social creatures. Like some humans, dogs follow a hierarchy in the wild and deference to their designated “pack leader.” Following you around is a version of that behavior. They see you as the alpha and they want to bask in your indispensable and appreciated leadership.