Does Palmolive Kill Fleas

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These days, there is no doubt that we are all trying to find ways to save a buck or two. Sometimes cutting corners, or becoming more savvy around the house is easier than you know. I bet many of you had no idea that a product like Palmolive Dish Soap could be so versatile, and have more than 25 ways to use! Yes, that is right, thanks to Palmolive, there are so many uses for dish soap that even include dog washing!

You may have heard the Palmolive slogan, tough on grease, soft on hands, but let it be known that it also makes for a shiny coat on dogs! That’s right, we recently discovered that Palmolive Ultra makes a great dog shampoo! Rather than spend a ton on pricy dog shampoos, we can now get a years worth of dog washes out of one bottle of good old Palmolive Ultra (found at stores like Walmart)!

If your dog has extremely sensitive skin, or allergies I probably would advise using anything but a specially made dog shampoo, however if he/she does not then Palmolive works great! We currently bathe our dog once every 3 weeks with Palmolive, and I have to say her coat looks especially shiny and healthy. The coolest part is, Palmolive also kills fleas too!!!

Currently, to get the best results, I make sure my dog is completely wet, and rinsed with warm water before adding a couple of good drizzles of soap.

I then lather her up and scrub her coat, under her neck, paws, and belly. Palmolive does not make a ton of suds on her, and helps to get all the gunk, and dirt out of her fur without during her skin out. Of course, every dog is different, but for us Palmolive Ultra makes a great dog shampoo!

Yes, Palmolive kills fleas.

It is a simple solution to get rid of adult fleas quickly.

It kills fleas

Palmolive is designed to remove oil and dirt from dishes. But it works great on dogs and cats too. The bonus is that it even targets and can easily kill fleas.

So, if you notice your pooch or your cat scratching themselves or smelling bad, grabbing a bottle of this dish soap might just do the trick.

So if you are wondering like so many others, does Palmolive kill fleas on dogs, or does Palmolive kill fleas on cats? The answer is a yes.

It Removes Dirt and Soil

There’s a reason why some vets and pet experts recommend the use of Palmolive. This everyday household dish soap has the ability to easily remove dirt and soil from your pet’s coat and skin.

Palmolive dish soap can make for an excellent, shiny, and clean coat for your pet. I have also found out that so many other pet owners do not shy away from this product.

Does Palmolive Kill Fleas in Pets, and Is It Safe?

Yes, Palmolive can kill and get rid of fleas. It works by destroying the flea’s exoskeletons. But don’t be quick to keep this as your permanent pet shampoo. While occasional use of Palmolive is alright, daily use can be a bad thing. Palmolive can make your pet’s skin dry and irritated. Palmolive is not a permanent replacement for pet friendly shampoos.

Whether you own a dog or a cat, or even some other pet, safety is a priority. Flea shampoos are definitely not the cheapest.

I have seen a lot of my friends use Palmolive as a pet shampoo. So, can Palmolive be an alternative?

In this short yet detailed guide, I am going to tell you why Palmolive might actually be a good idea to use occasionally.

Keep reading to find out whether Palmolive can kill fleas and even more! I am going to spill everything you need to know about Palmolive dish soap and pets.

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Can I use Palmolive dish soap for fleas?

Not only are dish soaps effective at removing dirt, but they can also easily kill fleas on your pets. Whether you own a cat or a dog, you can go ahead and use either Dawn or Palmolive dish soap. In simple words, these common and inexpensive dish soaps are excellent at killing fleas.

Can Palmolive dish soap kill fleas on cats?

While Dawn dish soap is used primarily to kill adult fleas, says Dr. Reeder, there are three other flea life stages to consider.

Can Palmolive be used on dogs?

Generally speaking, Palmolive dish soap is safe for cats when used in emergency situations. The soap is not outright dangerous to cats’ skin, and it is effective for removing fleas, oil, and stains from your cat’s fur. In this regard, Palmolive dish soap is considered a safe pet shampoo.