Does Petsmart Sell Axolotls

Axolotls are unique and cute creatures which, despite them being exotic, you can own as pets! But if you are interested in owning an axolotl of your own, you might be wondering where you should be looking.

Where Can I Buy An Axolotl?

With PetSmart not stocking axolotls, you may be wondering where the best place is to buy an axolotl as a pet.

The general consensus is that the best place to buy an axolotl is with a dedicated private breeder.

This is to ensure the animals come to you fit and healthy and from a licensed and experienced breeder.

If you’re buying online, you should always check out the credentials of the breeder to ensure the axolotl you purchase is in good condition, though most advise against buying exotic pets over the internet.

Why Does PetSmart Not Sell Axolotls In-Store?

In many states (including California, Maine, and New Jersey), there are restrictive laws on owning axolotls as specialist care is required, which is why PetSmart does not sell them.

Additionally, New Mexico also has laws in place that allow ownership of axolotls but restrict importations of the creatures from out of state.

These laws exist to preserve native ecosystems and protect endangered species, and may affect the way pet stores sell them.

Why Does PetSmart Not Sell Axolotls?

PetSmart has never given a concrete reason as to why they do not sell axolotls in their stores. However, we can infer it is for two reasons: their unique needs and for legality reasons.

Axolotls actually require a very particular type of care.

They are amphibians with truly unique needs.

For instance, they do best alone, should not be handled, and must spend their lives in carefully managed and controlled water.

You see, for PetSmart to sell these as pets, would require a lot of care, education, and resources to do so.

Economically, it actually makes sense why they would not want to sell them.

And then there are legal issues too.

Did you know that axolotls are actually illegal to own in several states in the United States.

So some PetSmart stores would not be able to actually sell them.

Which results in a logistical and administrative challenge too.

With all this in mind, it simply makes sense that PetSmart does not sell axolotls.

Instead, they stick to a more defined range of other amphibians (like frogs), reptiles, and other small fish.


Can you get axolotl’s at PetSmart?

Conclusion. In conclusion, PetSmart does not sell axolotls as pets. They may sell some supplies that could be used to create a habitat for your pet axolotl, but it is best to buy axolotls from local exotic pet breeders.

How much does a axolotl pet cost?

Axolotls are not commonly found in reptile and pet stores because they require temperature conditions that are somewhat different from what is required by most snakes and lizards. However, axolotls are widely available from private breeders and axolotl enthusiasts. They may also be available at reptile shows and expos.