Does Rite Aid Allow Dogs

Maybe you have a puppy that needs to be socialized. Or perhaps you have an adult dog who’s trained and you want to proof his obedience around distractions.

You probably know that stores like Home Depot and Zamzows are dog-friendly. But this list is different! I spent a few hours calling around to local stores in the greater Boise area to personally find out who allows dogs and who doesn’t.

Short Answer: no, dogs are not allowed in Rite Aid stores unless they are service animals. Because of the rules of federal and local regulations such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), grocery stores and drugstores are not dog friendly.


Just like Barnes and Noble, Macy’s may allow pets to shop with their owners. However, not all branches have a pet-friendly policy. Since it’s connected to a larger mall, it may not welcome dogs inside. That said, call the branch you’re visiting before going there.

But before you take your dog to Macy’s, make sure that it can handle big crowds. Some canines find stores to be frightening because of the narrow aisles and cramped spaces. In other words, shopping can be stressful for them. Thus, if your dog does not get along with strangers, it might be best that you just leave it at home.


This home improvement and appliance stores official stance is that it only allows service dogs. Service dogs will be seen wearing a vest, leash, and collar.

Many stores, however, still let dogs inside at the discretion of the store manager. The best practice is to call the exact Lowes location you plan on shopping with and ask if you can bring your dog. Remember to only ask if you dog is well trained since this is a courtesy.

Last tip: Keep your dog leashed since not all shoppers like seeing dogs in stores!

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